Society Tuesday

I feel the need to write about something while the recent additions to Test of Ascension are mulled over in my mind.  I do stare at the story and where I left off last night, but the muse says I need to write a blog post.  But what do I blog about, today?

According to my weekly blogging schedule (which I have neglected since moving into this new apartment), I should be writing about Society of Night and Lies.  What is there to write about?  Not a whole lot at the moment.  There are tons of edits to make; mostly grammatical, to be made.  I have the manuscript with those edits to use as a key from an editor friend of mine.

She’s read it and couldn’t put it down while she was looking for those grammar errors I knew were in there.  Her honest opinion of a rough draft?  She loved it though the ending made her angry.  I’ll have to get more details out of her when we can meet over lunch or a cup of coffee as to why it made her angry.  Maybe she really liked the character, Minxie, who is Sabrina’s friend in this story and is also forced to do the Society’s bidding.

I can tell you a few things about this secondary character.  Minxie is of Russian decent and has an accent which I tried to convey in the dialog.  She’s social and pretty, and quite intelligent.  She’s one of those people who can read a person then adjust accordingly to gain their confidence and easily get any information she wants from them without them realizing they just spilled the beans to the enemy.  Minxie is also bi and has a crush on Sabrina, which comes into play a little bit during the story.  It’s because of this crush that what happens at the end, happens and allows Sabrina to make it into the next book when I decide to settle into re-writing it.

That same crush could also help add in a few more words.  Maybe work in a bit more about her work in communications to help Sabrina and Jason.  There is one thing I need to integrate into the story.  Sandra, Jason’s girlfriend when this story happens, isn’t feeling to well and I have (or had) been given permission to run with that slice of information.  Perhaps she’s pregnant but they don’t realize it until later in the story, or perhaps in book two.  Sandra will at least play a small role in book one.  I’m not sure how she’ll leave in book two, but she’s only referred to in book three.

I need a minimum of 80K words to submit to practically any publisher.  I don’t want to submit this one to Xlibris, even though they’ve done good by me, so far. I want a real publishing house like Baen.  Someplace which can help point me in the right directions for getting my name out there further without charging me for everything.  I’d be happy with a contract and an advancement of any kind to pursue this career choice.

Speaking of, I really need to build a platform.  Any advice from my fellow authors?  Black Friday is the book i am learning all this stuff with so future books will be more successful and easily marketed.  I am still at a loss as what to do.