Random Thursday

Has anyone actually stopped to think about their personal routines?  I don’t mean the usual wake up, eat, shower, dress for the day, do stuff, eat dinner with family, do what ever, then bed, kind of routine, I mean the little things you do when doing a particular thing.  I was sitting here at my computer and without thinking about, i immediately opened Chrome and started reading the recent posts from friends and communities on LiveJournal, checked my emails, looked through the new art posts on FurAffinity and DeviantArt, played a bit on a few of my favorite Facebook games, then finally settled in to writing a post for the day.  It really didn’t stick that I do this exactly the same every day.

As soon as I get home, it’s the same thing; the exact same routine without fail.  Only the tiny details switch from day to day depending on what is happening at each site.

Where is the creativity found in this?  Not in this ingrained routine as we see it, but in the comfort and relaxation it offers.

After work, my mind is racing and frustrations are high until I slog through the email and art forums, then I sit back and enjoy those few games before the muse says it is time to write or draw, or even color.  In those few games, the inspiration stirs, believe it or not; mostly from the struggle to finish something before they end the quest chain or by seeing what needs to be done as far care-taking.

On my days off from work, all of that is quickly sped through so I can focus on what needs to be done; such as today, it was running my son to therapy then coming home to clean up for his in-house therapist and get dinner started.  In between all of that, some much needed laundry so I have clean clothes for work.  Somewhere amid all the cleaning, I found the muse lounging about ready to go into action on the short story, Test of Ascension.

Speaking of Ascension, I’ve re-read through it and fixed several grammatical errors but also realized, there is no danger element to bring about tension in the story.  They are on a quest and there is no such thing as a quest without pitfalls and danger to keep the adventurers on their toes.  How about suspicious, not very social, villagers to chase and capture the pair and threaten their very lives.  Sure, one is technically a demi-goddess at the moment and the other is a living avatar to a weakening god, but they can be killed or at the very least badly injured to where they could miss this one last chance to complete the quest and ascend to their proper places in the universe.

It’ll be a very tense time for them and put even more strain on them as they try to find the hidden entrance to lands they are seeking.  Now, I may give them a little help.  There is someone who has been following them for some time.  He just might lend a helping hand.  Whether or not he discovered or not remains to be seen right now.  I just may have him guide them to where the entrance is hidden before he slips away.  We cannot make things too easy for the adventurers, now, can we.  😉

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll post an excerpt from the story.  Depends on if I remember after spending a Friday filling scripts, filing, and scanning.