Furry Friday!

Thank all that is holy, today is Friday!  It has been a long week, let me tell you, and I am ready for a couple of days off.  Sadly, I won’t have two days together until next weekend.


According to the schedule I have posted on my wall, today I do a little talk about furry erotica, or what I call erotica, that is.  Actually, I’ve been talking about it on and off for a while now, Test of Ascension.  It is a furry story, and an erotic one with adventure and a bit of drama and romance toss in for added flavor.  So far, it is a good mix with tension building.

For those who may not know, or understand, furry refers to anthropomorphic characters; cats, dogs, birds, or what ever with very human characteristics.  We see these often in Disney movies and usually children’s books, but there are several adult books with a furry element in them.  Anyone who says Lion-O from the Thundercats, or Simba from the Lion King aren’t furry need to have their eyes checked.  Both characters are either animal with human characteristics or a human with some animal characteristics.

Really, stop and think about some of your favorite cartoon characters from your childhood.  Animals of some kind doing human things or even looking a lot like humans without loosing their animal looks.

Some of what furry is comes right out of myth and legend, and others are purely the results of some strange mind.  Now, there is a stigma attached to furries (people who play these kind of characters or even dress up like them in costumes at conventions).  Not all furries (those who enjoy the fandom and its many writings and art archives) need psychological attention, or are derange sex fiends who get off watching animals mate.  Most are just normal people like you and me, doing what we love.

If anyone has seen my galleries, you know I’m knee-deep in the fandom myself.  Mostly, it is because I find humans to be boring and mundane.  Sure, a few have some outstanding qualities, but I see humans everyday and interact with them constantly.  Nothing really noteworthy in my opinion.  But, if you take that human, make them into an otter and put them into a fishing scene, then it becomes enjoyable to me.  Or, keep the animal true to its form and look at the world through their eyes as they try to survive and find a peaceful place to raise their own young.  (Watership Down is a perfect example of this idea)

For me, erotica isn’t all about sex.  There is more to it and I want the story to shine, not the big scene at the end or where ever it appears.  In Test of Ascension, the big scene will be close to end, but not quite.  It’ll be a pivotal point in the story where Sareena figures out how she will go from being a mortal to being a goddess and take her place.  In here, I’ll be borrowing some from Greek myth.  A lot of my writing borrows from different myths and legends to give them grounding in reality.  Sarrie first has to escape from where she is right now and that won’t be easy without a little help from an unexpected source.

Can’t say I’m not writing about what I know and love.  Right?  hehe  Time to get back to writing.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy enough day trying muddle through a whacked out weekend.