Monday Report #writemotivation

I have been a bad, bad, girl this past week.  I had intended on finishing my latest short story Test of Ascension, and ended up being either too tired to concentrate, busy with normal stuff and Facebook’s nasty allure, and work.  I had every intention of spending all day Saturday working on the story to make up for what I didn’t do during the week, but found out at the last minute, I mean literally right as I was getting ready to shut down for the night, saw my schedule.  It was one of those, check and see what next week looked like so I could plan and saw I was scheduled 11 to 7 Saturday; prime writing time for me.  At least it wasn’t too busy and we managed to get all the filing done for the log copy well before closing up shop.  Everything else, except for the shredding, was also caught up, so it wasn’t too bad.

But, this has put me behind on my writing.  Not too terribly far behind, but enough that I feel guilty about not working on it like I should and some of the ideas have faded away and no longer seem all that good right now.  At least I did get some good writing done yesterday, so all isn’t too bad.  A few good hours focused on completing the scene I had started and figuring a way to bring in the guide so my heroine can find where she needs to be.

I did do some thinking.  ( I know, lots of thick smoke poured out of my ears from effort)  I have been wasting a lot of time on certain Facebook games.  I mean, a lot of time I could be doing something else, such as writing or spending time with family.  The culprits were two games which were drowning me in quests which I had a hard time completing thanks to too many inactive ‘neighbors’.  Only a few would bother clicking on the posts asking for things while others, who were in my neighbor lists whined about no help.  Click on mine and I click on yours, easy as that.  So, I decided to delete those games and now I’m down to just three which I give any attention to and don’t require constant attention to get anywhere.  If I stopped now for six months, nothing would have changed and I can pick up as if nothing at all happened.

So, that gives about two more hours of writing time and making these blogs.  Not bad?  I think so.  As much as I liked those games, they did nothing more than keep me from what matters most.; writing and family.

That has been about it, really.  Now, on to the goals, other than what you’ve read already.

1) Start edits on Society of Night and Lies draft 3. 

Sadly, nothing started on this, yet.  With Saturday filled with work, I used my Sunday time on Ascension instead.  A good trade off, but not a lot done.

2) Complete the short story Test of Ascension.

As much as I wanted this one completed last week, it wasn’t to be.  I did, complete a tense scene and moved the characters forward a little worse for wear and with a surprise to make things interesting later.  This news will give something else to create tension between Sareena and her companion Sirabe.  I’ll have to say I am about 3/4 of the way through, now.  More or less.

3) Transcribe chapter 1 and start transcription of chapter 2 of Black Friday2 (working title until a better one is thought of)

I don’t know if I’ll be able to get any kind of work done unless it is re-writing what I had.  The notebook I had it all written in has disappeared.  Tragic!!  I know, but I am searching every place I can think of and hope it was accidentally tossed when i last straightened around my desk.  Pray it is found, please.

4) Finish character sketches of the main cast of Society of Night and Lies. (written and drawn)

Not much work has been done since last week.  Sabrina’s drawn sketch is complete.  Jason’s is mostly done and needs some fine tuning.  I have Minxie’s sketch started.  Their written sketches are mostly ideas jotted down in another notebook, so no progress there.


3 thoughts on “Monday Report #writemotivation

  1. Sometimes figuring out what we can afford to cut out of our lives to make more time for the writing is the hardest part. I’m glad you were able to find some! That’s part of the battle, I think, with our busy lives.

  2. in all honesty, i used to waste a LOT of time with a few online games as well. recently i realized that part of the problem i was having was a fear of success. sometimes we sabotage ourselves to keep from finding out if we are actually good enough to make it. at least, that’s what i was doing. one day, i just bit the bullet and deleted EVERYTHING – all games that were wasting my time and keeping me from what i really wanted – needed- to be doing. it’s a hard thing to realize that we are our own worst enemy sometimes. good for you and good luck with finding that notebook!

  3. That’s a great idea, cutting down on the video games you play. In fact, the only year that I didn’t participate in National Novel Writing Month was the year that I was playing World of Warcraft. (Um, oops?) Now, Netflix Instant Watch is my time-sucking nemesis…

    Good on you for cutting out the time sucks! And good luck on your goals for this week!

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