The Good and the Bad

I have some good news!

Yesterday, I mentioned I couldn’t find my hand written manuscript I was needing to transcribe.  It had been moved and the spot I had put was lacking the notebook.

Well, right before I finally gave up for the night, I decided to check a couple more places for just in case.  The last one, a cubby hole in my desk had the prize.  It, and the other notebooks I had intended to write this book in, were tucked nice and neat beneath a binder just waiting for me to work on and in them.  This was the last place I looked and never one thought it would be in there.

I am so relieved right now.

But… for the bad part…

I called in sick today.  I feel like I’ve been beaten by a brick and punched in the gut.  It isn’t my allergies being a pain, far from it because I can breathe just fine and my sinuses are clear.  not even a single hive showing any proof of allergy attack.  It’s because of lack of sleep.

Sleep has been elusive for the last several days.  More like a week, but nothing out of the ordinary for me.  A few hours here and there, a power nap at work have kept me functioning just fine and able to tend to my duties without trouble.  Until last night…

There was no sleep at all.  Plenty of rest, but no actual sleep.  My mind was active and there was no calming the thoughts down enough to even make sense of them save for one which will be put to use in Test of Ascension.  It was all a jumble of emotion and randomness that there was no way for the REM cycle to begin let alone initialize.  None of my usual tricks worked; deep breathing, a cup of green tea, soft music, nothing.  I don’t drink anything with caffeine in it after about seven or eight o’clock just to make sure it doesn’t disrupt my sleep any more than it has been.

Sadly, because of what ever had my brain active last night, when I finally crawled out of bed, my legs felt like jello and my mind felt as though it were stuffed full of cotton and a migraine was trying to build up.  There was no way I could safely drive even across the street so I called in then crawled myself back into bed for what fitful sleep I could get.

About the only disturbance I had after going back to bed was my cat, Caffeine, trying to wake me up.  He’s not accustomed to me being home during the week and wanted me to get off to work.  Poor thing, he did mean well, but he got the feeble boot off the bed until he left me be.

I’m still not up to par, yet, but at least I’m much better than I was at eight this morning.

So, for now, I’m going to make use of this up time to work on transcribing, and maybe some editing, then see if I can get some more rest in before attempting more work on Ascension.