Hump Day

It is finally the middle of the week and progress on writing in general is coming along better than it has since November.  Last night, I had wonderful run of writing Test of Ascension and posted an excerpt of what is going on.  Considering that I was feeling like utter crap and debating whether or not to take another day off from work, I did remarkably well.

Just to make things even more exciting, I /finally/ started transcribing book two to my Black Friday series.  The prologue is done with first round of editing complete.  Chapter one is a page or two in with a lot of editing to come.  We’re talking rearranging of whole sections to make better sense of what is going on and adding more just to clarify and/or smooth the transition between scenes.  one section, I am sure will be a chapter all on its own, albeit a short one.  But, it will help give more insight into Karina’s views and a tad more history which will explain the coming conflicts.

If you can understand what I had just said, then you really are good at deciphering random thoughts.  =^.^=

At least, for now, my current obsession is writing.  It is all i can think about whether I’m watching TV or at work.  I could be staring at a video game and be pondering new scenes and troubles for the current story or stories.

This is a good thing!  NaNoWriMo used to be the only things which would turn on this obsession.  now, with a new challenge, it has returned and I LOVE it.  Absolutely, positively, love it!  The feeling of being overwhelmed by so many projects is still there, but it is no longer nagging at me.

I must say, reading some of the posts from my followers is also helping a lot.  KnowTheSphere, one of my newest followers, has been an inspiration with his posts.  QuidForTheQuill and others from my local Nano group have also given me that shove in the right direction. AngelaShella has also made a few posts which gave me the proverbial boot in the rump to quit stalling and just do.  I thank all of you, especially the ones who pointed me toward #writemotivation.  I’m also looking into #sixsentences and others.  I don’t want to try building a platform just yet.  I want to get myself into the habit of posting often.

Though it may not show, I appreciate everyone who has chosen to watch my blog.  Your feedback is always welcome and don’t be afraid to be honest so long as it is civil.  Let me know if something sounds like utter crap.  I can’t improve if I don’t know.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who has stopped by.