Saturday’s Comet

I was going to write something for my Furry Friday post, but I got distracted by other things, to be honest.  One was a good animated movie which came on at around 11 or so last night called Spirit of the Forest.  It was originally created and shown in Spain but Disney managed to bring it here to the States and dubbed it in English.

I have to say, as children movies go, it wasn’t bad.  The animation was well done and creatures cute and fuzzy, but the story itself was rather blah.   I probably would have done my writing and blog if the animation or the characters weren’t engaging.  From what I can tell, Spirit of the Forest is just one part in a series shown in Spain, but we Americans only have this one small part.  It feels like a snippet from someplace in the middle, not a beginning or an end.  Pieces were missing, like how one of the cats knew the hero and is good friends with him, or that the hero’s name isn’t mentioned until just passed the middle of the movie when it is revealed this pretty cat knows him.

Looks like I’ll have to do some searching for more of this story line be in book format, weekly/daily episodes, or other movies just so the connections are made between the characters and questions answered.

If anything, it did drive home the concept of take care of the environment.  It is all we have and those trees we cut down are homes for other creatures, too.  Kids will enjoy it but we adults who still have a child-like soul just won’t see the same appeal.

That was my distraction, oddly enough.  >.<

So, today, I’ll be playing catch up.  With the last main scene to Test of Ascension to write out, I’ll have that short story done.  I intend to stay up until it is complete tonight.  After that, I’ll be working on transcribing more of Black Friday 2 and editing Society of Night and Lies; the two easy parts of my #writemotivation goals.  The last part is the most difficult, the creating and writing of character sketches for SoNL.  Actually drawing these characters isn’t easy though Minxie (aka Michelle) is turning out beautifully.

Sadly, this post is nothing about the story this day is supposed to be dedicated to, Way of the Comet.  I may just change it a random news day until i do actually start working on the story again.

Anyway, I hope everyone who looked enjoyed the links to my graphic novel attempt.  I am still working on it, but very slowly.  Good art isn’t easy to create and I am still modifying the story itself to fit the comic format.

Last, but certainly not least, with Test of ascension almost done, I am now seeking beta readers to help tighten up the plot, find holes and give it a good polish before I submit it to Smashwords for publication.  I need at least five people who don’t mind an adult oriented stories (IE sex scenes and sex oriented concepts).  At least one who is able to spot the grammar mistakes.   Email me if you’re interested at sabbath[dot]silverclaw[at]gmail[dot]com and make sure the subject line says beta read request so I’ll recognize it.  Questions and concerns can also be sent to this same email, or just comment here if you don’t mind a public answer.  Email is checked often, but sometimes responses cannot be made immediately, so please be patient.