Rest at Last

It has been a busy day for me.  not with shopping, cleaning, or cooking an awesome meal, but with writing.  today was a marathon of writing to complete my latest short story (more like a novella at 31K+ words and 68 pages long).

For once, I was undisturbed by the needs of my boyfriend and son, didn’t have the distraction of the television behind me or loud video games ruining my train of thought, just some piece and quiet.  Dave was great in paying attention to his games and wore headphones to keep from bugging me.  If he wanted something, he got it himself.  Colin even went upstairs to bug mom for a few hours while I slogged through a bridging section to tie the final scenes to the rest of the story.

Right now, my fingers are tired and my back hurts.  The migraine that was building is gone thanks to some Tylenol.  Only a brief nap and dinner paused my writing today and I am thankful for both.  They were my rewards for reaching certain points in the story.  Dinner would have been there regardless, but much later if I hadn’t reached the goal of finishing a particular scene.

I am quite pleased with how this story turned out.  for once, I made use of a simplified ending.  i can almost see the scene in my head where the companions are looking at their mate while she resets everything to rights.  i can visualize the zoom in to her face as she announces speaks the final line.  it just seems to fit.  I won’t say what it is, you have to read it to enjoy it and see what I mean.

Other than this flurry of writing, the day has been quiet.  Nothing much has happened anywhere, even on the few role play games I visited earlier.  This can be a good thing for me.  Even better, we got Colin to eat a full bowl of the soup i made for dinner.  he hates soup, even chicken and dumplings where the dumplings absorb most of the broth.  he at least had the vegetables and the big pieces of chicken… he loved it.  I could see it in his eyes and he denies it.

Now, I get to enjoy the rest of my evening.  maybe I’ll play some Wii, I don’t know.  At least there’s time to relax before I tackle the next huge goal for this month.