Monday Report #writemotivation

Rainy days and Mondays go so well together.  So well in fact, they had been combined into a single song.  It was written a few decades ago, but those words still ring true to this day.  but, in my case, they don’t get me down.  They give me a good reason to stay inside and work on my writing.  That is what make me feel great!

As stated earlier today, it has been raining and raining hard.  At work, I could hear it when the rain would come down in torrents and the thunder sounded like a giants belly with its rumble.  At least this weather kept people from flocking into the pharmacy for their meds.  We were just busy enough with few problems.

Which reminds me, one of the problems we had wasn’t from a patient, but from their idiot doctor.  Each time this couple came in, their doctor had forgotten something important, such as the strength, dosing, their DEA number, or even their signature.  They’d have to wait while we contact the doctor, get the confirmation so we could fill their prescription.  With the rain we had today, they were more than miffed.

There was good reason for their irritation.  Not only did they miss their bus, they didn’t have any more money to make it back home or a transfer pass to get on another.  They were effective stranded there and did not relish the thought of walking in the rain.  Just their luck, I was there and tried to find enough spare change so they could catch the bus.  Sadly, I didn’t have enough for the both of them, so I offered to take them home.

Their smiles were worth more than any bright sunny day or a days worth of writing.  I can hope they will pay this kindness forward to someone who needs it.  Sure, my lunch was cut short and I had to gulp down some seriously good chicken and dumplings, but it was worth it.

Now, onward to my goals for the month!

1) Start edits on Society of Night and Lies draft 3. 

Nope, still nothing done yet.  Still enough time to get started and work through a chapter or three before the end of the month.

2) Complete the short story Test of Ascension.

Ta da!!  This one is complete!  I had a marathon of writing yesterday from around 1 in the afternoon until about 10 at night.  As a reward, I gave myself some time to roleplay on one of my games.  Happy dances all around!

3) Transcribe chapter 1 and start transcription of chapter 2 of Black Friday2 (working title until a better one is thought of)

Believe it or not, this one is technically complete.  I just finished transcribing chapter 1 before writing this blog.  I’m looking over chapter two now.  but, would you believe I forgot I had written a prologue.  So, technically, two chapters have been done, which is more than the goal stated.  But, I’ll get to chapter two some time this week.

4) Finish character sketches of the main cast of Society of Night and Lies. (written and drawn)

Nothing new to report here.   Still have half of Minxie’s sketch done and nothing written about her, yet.  I need to make sense of the notes I’ve made on Sabrina and Jason, too.  *sigh*  So much to do!

I may do some more with my writing tonight, but with the thunder I’m hearing, I may shut down my computer to be on the safe side.  I hope everyone else is doing well on their goals this month, too!


2 thoughts on “Monday Report #writemotivation

  1. gah, I just realized that I was missing you on my RSS reader, and that I hadn’t seen any of your #writemotivation posts!

    That said, you seem to be making good progress, even if you’re not making as much progress as you want to. I know how that feels, but you can do it! There’s a whole week left in March still!

    1. I have this weekend to get working on those edits to my one story and try to finish those character sketches. Plenty of time if I don’t get drug out of the house too much.

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