Tuesday Temptation

Oh, how I wanted to jump into a night of role play goodness, tonight.  After all that time writing, it would be well deserved.  But, I must keep plugging away, too many goals to meet before the 31st arrives.

At least another goal can be marked as complete.  Chapter 2 transcription has been started, officially.  But, I find myself in a quandary.  It’s a small section that doesn’t fit where it is in my hand written copy nor do I see a place where it could work in what I have typed out.  If it didn’t contain relative information about some of the characters, I’d just leave it out entirely, but these insights will come into play later on.

Excerpt of Black Friday 2  –  A bit of thinking

The more optimistic of us, meaning Marcus and my mother in particular, thought the humans would come around quickly and see us for the peace-loving people that we are. All any of us wanted to be allowed to live like anyone else in the world.

How quickly those bright and happy ideas died without magic for anyone to shift to human during those first years. History, not just the dark times we endured centuries ago, was starting to repeat itself all across the world as our rights were quickly stripped from us. Because we were viewed as ferocious animals instead of civilized beings that were raised beside them was their excuse for taking those basic liberties were taken. Most of us were better behaved than the average human.

As much as I wanted to shift, I couldn’t. The magic of our people was trapped inside of me along with the goddess, Hathor. She was keeping me from releasing it until I learned how to use and control the knowledge of our race so we could prevent another war someday in the distant future. There was little that I could do until she thought I was ready and that power awakened inside of me once more.

It was more than Hathor needing to teach me how to use our raw magic and give it to other therians. She needed for us to find the remaining shamans. They were important to this task. Each newly awakened therian needed a shaman, or experienced therian, to guide them through their first shift. It would help them to feel more comfortable and a part of our community. All of us were to teach them about our kind and let them know that this was a whole new world open to them.

Awakening… I had done that once before when I was only ten years old. The dreams came first of hunting in an old forest. Then, my parents sensed the wild in me rising. Both of them stayed close until the magic burst from me and changed me into a young panther. Even though I was born human, I knew what I was from the beginning and what to expect. Any new therian we met wouldn’t have this to help them cope.

I had been told about the Awakening by an old family friend and he helped me make that first change easier to handle. But, this change was going to be different. It was to be a new awakening, not just for me, but for all theriankind. Hathor promised it would be so because it wasn’t a god who held the magic.

The formatting sucks, I know, but be honest with this excerpt. Good? Bad? Needs work? For now, I have this section tacked onto the end of chapter 1. It doesn’t quite fit in with it, but chapter 2 doesn’t seem to have a place for it either right now.  Without posting those two chapters, you can’t really see what I mean.  No way am I posting seven pages into a journal, unless I use the gallery function and take it down later when I am preparing for edits and publishing.

I won’t torture people with a long post.

With all of this, I still had a decent day.  Work was pleasant with a full crew to run the pharmacy so stuff got done and we could actually visit and do breaks instead of just our lunches.  It could have been busier, though.  The rain, while light, kept a lot of our patients in, but it was definitely the perfect weather to inspire new things.

During lunch, I re-worked a sketch of one of Society of Night and Lies characters.  She looked more sexy and mischievous than what she did before.  Just a little more work and I’ll be ready to start on one of my antagonists.  I can see how he looks in my head, but trying to get him onto paper hasn’t been easy in the past.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes on the art work part of my monthly goal.

Tomorrow is the first full day of Spring!  Happy spring everyone!