Spring Has Arrived

Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day!

That rhyme still echoes loudly through my mind at the oddest of times.  But, always when it is raining like today.  It started off wet, light rain that didn’t need an umbrella, but I took one anyway.  By quitting time, it cleared out and let the sun shine for a few hours with a nice, light, cool breeze to make it feel like spring.  Then, right after I get home and have settled in to eat dinner, I hear thunder again and rain is just coming down again.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think Nature has decided we’ve been long enough without any real rain and is making up for it.  The running joke around work now is needing to call Noah so we can keep dry.  >.<  Old joke, but it is so true right now.

One of my co-workers was extremely late yesterday thanks to some flooding on her way in.  I’m concerned about rising water in the creek just across the street from us, but so far, it looks like the work the city has done since Mingo Creek last flood back in the 80s are working fine and the extra work they did last year is keeping things going smoothly.  But, if it rains long and hard enough, there won’t be anything to stop the water from rising up over the street and right into these apartment.

But, I can say this rain has inspired a good opening to my next story.  I’m not going to start on it tonight, though.  No, I am giving myself the night off from writing to enjoy some interaction with my online friends or maybe play a round or two of bowling with Dave on the Wii.  Won’t be able to stay up for too long, though.  I’ve got work in the morning.  May do the same tomorrow then attack the editing and transcribing on Friday and through the weekend.

With this being the 21st, I’m already planning what my goals for next month will be.  I won’t tell until then, so don’t ask.  😉