Late Night Thursday – All About Colin

Technically, it’s Friday, now, but since I haven’t gone to sleep, yet, I still call it Thursday.

There’s not much to report, today.  Colin’s therapy sessions were today and he only gave one of his therapists a hard time.  But, he did do what she asked for the time she was here.  What i found surprising, is that he read two chapters in his new book, so big kudos for him there.  He’s catching up on his reading.

Here’s something funny about my little boy.  He likes to read, he just doesn’t want to do it.  He’d rather play video games and watch cartoons than read.  But today, he was telling his speech therapist all about his new book he picked out.  The look he gave her for ratting him out was priceless, but we already knew he enjoyed the story otherwise he’d give us a screaming fit when it came time to sit down and read.

Colin has come a long way over the course of this last year.  Since he started therapy, he has calmed down, there’s fewer episodes at school, he’s actually making friends who want to come back, and his behavior in class is improving.  This time last year, he was on his fifth suspension because he was trying to hit the other kids.  Now, he hasn’t been sent home once for his behavior, only because he was sick.

There’s no more lashing out when he doesn’t get his way.  The world around him has broadened to include others.  Sure, there are still a few obstacles in the way, but we are working toward them one at a time.

I am proud of my little boy.

Last year, I was referred to the Tulsa Center of Child Psychology to have Colin evaluated for Asperger’s and other possible disorders such as bipolar because of his strange quirks and episodes.  The school had done some and asked if we could take the next step so they’ll know how to handle him in the future.  He was on a different medication, then, as well, which didn’t seem to be doing all that well but took the edge off.  Just not enough of the edge.

What we found out is that he wasn’t officially Asperger’s, but there was enough there to cause trouble.  He has issues with loud places, crowds whether they are noisy or quiet, and refused certain things because of the texture.  That’s what clued us to thinking Asperger’s.  It is mild and workable, thankfully.

His ADHD is what the real culprit is.  his mind is everywhere at once when off his medication and he cannot stay still to save his life.  Couple that with Encopresis, which is a problem in the brain that affects the speech center, and you get a child who can’t cope very well in school even if he was ahead of the other kids in intelligence.

The other kids, I’m sure, were picking on him because of how he spoke.  He wasn’t very clear, but you could understand him if you paid close attention.  (Not many would, including his kindergarten teacher who labeled him a bad child and pretty ostracized him and encouraged the rest of the class to do the same)  Much of the teasing and happened behind the teacher’s back and the other kids would blame it all on Colin when he’d lash out to make them stop.

Really, Colin is an easy-going little boy who just wants to play and have fun.  He’d rather avoid a fight than hit unless he’s protecting himself.  It’s the protecting himself that kept getting him sent home all through kindergarten and a good portion of first grade.  A few of the culprits were caught and forced to leave him alone after being repeatedly told not to pester him.

One year later, he speaks much more clearly, he’s making his thoughts known and understandable.  He is a much happier little boy in and out of school.  for a while, he didn’t want to go, now, he can’t wait and even wants to go back to full days so he can participate in special; classes such as art, PE, music, and computer lab.  Two days a week, he goes all day and we’re working on adding on another, but he needs to prove to us he can handle it and his IEP teacher is keeping us in the loop about his progress.

Honestly, would you believe this seven year old little boy has the highest reading and math scores in his class?  He just needs to turn in his homework and bring it home so he can get credit for it, now.

That’s our next goal, getting him to understand he has to do the work and turn it in on time no matter what.

This is my baby boy, Colin Davis Crouch.  Yep, I am proud of him.

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  1. any positive progress is a good thing. i know the challenges of life with kid with special needs. always gotta take our vitamins to keep up with them. in the end, they are more than worth it.

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