Furry Friday!

TGIF!  I have been waiting for this day all week.  Not to say that work has been hectic or anything, but I swear people in general have been stomping on that last nerve.  But, just knowing I could come home and let myself slip into another world and record what I saw made each day worth the effort of waking up and NOT calling in.

Ah, but yes, today is a worthy day.  I’ve already started considering how the next short story in my compilation Trysts of the Hearts will be starting and the events which will take the druid and kitsune to their climatic ending.  heh  The weather of this past week will have a role to play in this story, which should give the couple something to work around while trying to catch one another.  It should be interesting, bringing together someone who is down to earth and a prankster.  There could be a few laughs in this one but we’ll see what happens.

I’m also doing some work on another up and coming story within Trysts.  This one will have a custom species to break the monotony of what is already being used.  So many mammals, mostly felines and a couple of canines but nothing else.  So, a friend and I came up with a dragon based species.  We’re thinking tribal based and the color of the scales/hide will determine their magic they use.  There’s more already wrote down for them, but I’m not going to tell all.  I must tease with hints for now.

While I was sorting through some stuff I brought home from my locker at work, I found a notebook with a part of a story I had forgotten about.  The working title is Luna’s Children and so far, the beginning rather sucks, giving away little of the creature that is found while a group of scientists are gathered trying to figure it out.  It seems too confusing to me, so who knows what brought about that idea.  I may work on it later and see if it can’t be salvaged.

In that same notebook, I found a list of story ideas/titles and characters which would be used with each.  I think I have written one or two of them.  I’ll have to look through my files and see what is hiding in there just waiting to jump out and say hello.  Looking at that list, I think I have enough ideas to get me through the next year or so.  Yikes!

Kind of overwhelming, I know, but we’ll see what comes in the future.