Saturday Drive

As I sit here contemplating the manuscript I need to edit, I am reminded of what I’ve done today.

The weather was absolutely beautiful; sun shining, light breeze, warm temperatures, all perfect for a drive.  Mom gave us the best excuse to be out driving, too.  We went to Pryor to enjoy some of the best BBQ in the state of Oklahoma.

She didn’t have to do it, but she splurged on us.  Trust me, the long drive was well worth it.  JL’s Bar-b-Que is tender, juicy, and just all around perfect in the smoking and spice rub.  Portions were reasonable, not a couple of little thing pieces of rib with barely enough meat to feed a small lizard, but 3/4 of a pound with little bone and lots of meat.  There was hardly any fat or cartilage and so it was so tender, you could suck it right off the bone.  You even had your choice of sauces from mild and hot to sweet & sour to enhance that smokey flavor combination

Colin wasn’t too thrilled about having BBQ until he saw he could have his favorite chicken tenders without the sauce or anything else, just some fries.  I find it kind of funny that he went for the shoestring fries instead of the potato wedges.  He likes both, but I guess he felt like having the regular fries today.  There was so much on his plate, he couldn’t finish it all, or eat much of the pie he and I shared.  He couldn’t say no to chocolate pie and did his best to eat a bit, but eventually, he had to say he was full and I finished it off.

Though I am no food critic by any meaning of the word, I do know what I like.  JL’s fit into that skewed world of what I love perfectly in portions, quality and flavor.  To me, they are a five star place worthy of being put on TV in Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, or some other show on Food Network that focuses on these kinds of places all over the nation.  There’s proof that some famous people have been there, such as Axel Rose, and they have each signed dollar bills which have been taped to the walls.

I am so glad this restaurant was reopened.  It was a sad day when mom and I, craving good BBQ were in Chouteau shopping at the Amish House went over to Pryor (just across the tracks) to eat and the place was boarded up.  We found out later the original owners had closed for reasons I don’t know.  Just last month or so, mom found out it was reopened under new management.  Someone loved the place enough to not just buy the place, but re-hired much of the old staff, including the cook, and the recipes to bring back those flavors we’ve wanted.

This reminds me, I need to visit their website to give a review of their food and restaurant then see if I can’t persuade DDD to come down and have a look.  The place is worth the attention.

After all that good food, we went to the Amish House to get some cookies as Colin’s reward plus a few things we just cannot find here in Tulsa.  The chicken base I love is only found there, along with fresh herbs and spices needed for my soups.  McCormick is fine, but way too expensive for the amount you get.  For the same amount, I get more than double the weight and it smells and tastes better.

Either on my next paycheck, not the coming check the one after, or with my income tax, I’m going to head over to Chouteau to stock on my spices and a few other things to fill our deep freezer along with some fresh made cheeses and hand-made pastas.  It’ll be another long drive I just may get Dave to come along on if we stop at JL’s to eat.  At least now, I know my little car can make it with him in it.

You know, today gives me something else to ask my various characters to help liven up their personalities further.  What would they do for something they love; such as food or things they want in general.  To what extent would they go to have it right then and there?  I don’t mean would they kill for a Klondike bar.  I mean, would they drive three hours for a perfect steak or pay $150 for that special item they don’t have to have but really want in their possession.  You know what I mean.  I hope.

Things like that may not show up in the story as something obvious, but show in their actions.  Would their approach be frantic, fearful, ruthless, or neutral?  How much would they care about this thing they are pursuing?  Would this pursuit make them deviate from their normal actions to the point they are someone else, or would the opposite be true?

Amazing what a simple drive can do for inspiration.  Of course, a change of scenery does wonders no matter what.  Today’s drive put my cabin fever to rest for a while and erased the tensions from work.  If I liked driving more, I wouldn’t have been as tired after we got home.  There was just enough tension my shoulders were aching and my head was starting to hurt as if a migraine were starting.  A good nap fixed that.

You know, except for a few trips while in North Carolina, I haven’t driven very far at all.  I stick close to home as a rule.  Maybe, when mom and I go down to Crebs, I’ll ask to do the driving.  I honestly need to do this more and just get out more.  These weekend trips are wonderful and there is so much to see in this state.  It’ll be good practice for when we take Colin up to Springfield, MO, to see the main Bass Pro store.  He loves this chain and is usually more than happy to go feed the fish on Saturday or Sunday at the one in Broken Arrow and play with some of the games they have there.  In their children’s section, they have toys and sets perfect for growing nature lovers.

When we do go, we just may have Korbin along with us, too.  He’d certainly enjoy the trip with or without his mom with us.  heh  A car with two kids will be something when one is four and the other almost eight.  I’m just glad the two get along so well together.  Just close enough in age they have something in common.


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  1. Hey, you’re that close to Pryor? Know the bookstore there? My Aunt Rose started it, and my cousin’s son, Chris Hardy, runs it now. My parents both went to Pryor High School, and we used to visit all four of my grandparents there. Hardys, Nicholases, Bowlings are all relatives.

    1. Close enough. I grew up around Tulsa and live in Tulsa now. I do know of the book store you mentioned. Been there once long ago when I was still young and looking toward a career in something without children involved. heh I should go back and visit that store again. It has been for ever since I was there.

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