The Perfect Day

Believe it or not, today is what I call a perfect day.  Perfect in weather so all the windows were open to let the stale air and dust out, and perfect in that I could actually get things done.  It couldn’t be a better day.

Productivity, for me, was high.  No cleaning was done except in the kitchen, but then there wasn’t much that had to be done as far as that goes.  I did, however, manage to do a lot of editing in two of my books.  On top of that, I set up and figured out how to use the review feature in MS Office to go through edits from one of my beta readers for Test of Ascension.

For weeks, actually months, I have been staring at the manuscript of Society of Night and Lies with all the red marks from my one editor friend.  It only looked like a lot when I finally sat down, but actually, there wasn’t.  Most of it was some minor grammar corrections and others were general revisions which made better sense than what I had.  But, yes, I did finally get my but into gear on working through those much needed edits.  It’ll be a while before I can hand this draft over to willing readers to polish and help tighten up the story further.

But, this means one more goal can be checked off for this month’s challenge.  I only needed to start the editing process on SoNL, not complete them.  That will be one of next month’s goals, along with a few others to accomplish.  I’ll also be adding in editing Ascension as well to the editing pile as more of my readers respond.

SoNL will be needing a lot more work before I’ll be ready to call it finished.  It barely meets minimum requirements for Xlibris right now.  At the moment, with six chapters down and twenty or so more to go, it stands at just over 60K+ words.  I have to have at least 80K for Xlibris.  Other publishing houses which allow unsolicited submissions have similar high word counts ranging from 90K to 100K minimum.  That’s a lot of extra writing, but there’s plenty which can be added to this first book in the trilogy.

Having two stories being edited together is quite the accomplishment for me considering that last night was one of those where sleep eluded me.  What little I had come in spurts of an hour or less throughout the night, even after I took the melatonin to help.  My brain just refused to go into relaxation mode and kept firing off random things that made no sense at all.

Some of the problem, I think, came from the Excedrin I took at about eight or nine in the evening.  The caffeine in it probably didn’t help until it finally left the system at around sunrise.  I also had a long nap yesterday afternoon which probably didn’t help, either.  There were no caffeinated drinks, so I know the juice I had nor the soda played a part in the insomnia.

Oh well, just so I could stay awake all day, I had a single cup of coffee before eleven and forced my brain to focus on the editing all afternoon.  After dinner, I focused on more editing until I noticed the time.  While I may be tired now, I have to wonder if I’ll be able to get any kind of sleep tonight or will I be left to suffer again?

Tonight, I do have something to aid in getting to sleep besides melatonin.  I found my CD of Native American flutes which I find quite relaxing and good to read, write or just enjoy the peace while it plays.  Payday, I’ll grab some audio CDs for Dave to record some more relaxation music and sounds to so I can change things up a bit from time to time.

Speaking of, time to find the elusive Sandman.