#writemotivation Report

Hard to believe we are so close to the end of March!  Where did the time go?  I mean, really, have we all been that busy with our projects that the days flew by without notice?

I think a resounding yes will answer those questions well enough.

Not much to talk about today.   Work has been pleasantly slow, people nice though I won’t go on a rant about one woman who came in this morning.  Let’s just say her being rude mixed with me not having any coffee or fully awake didn’t have me at my peak.  It’s the same thing for everyone; sick or not, please be nice to the person handling your drugs.  The more you misbehave and act obnoxious, the longer it’ll take to get them.  That is all.

I don’t know how many have smart phones like the Android, but I found the most useful app today in Amazon’s Free App of the Day.  It’s called the Idea Tree and you can set it up to take notes on characters, plots, and ideas for books to shopping lists and business plans.  I just got the app set up but haven’t filled anything in because I wanted my work right here in front of me to get names and stories situated properly.  I’ll probably be using it to help tick off things in future #writemotivation goals.

So, without further ado, on with the Monday report!

1) Start edits on Society of Night and Lies draft 3

This is finally complete!  Took about three hours or so yesterday and tackled the first six chapters of SoNL.  There weren’t as many as I had thought and I made a few more changes in places to either better explain or remove redundant phrasing.

2) Complete the short story Test of Ascension.

This one has been done for about a week now and I’ve already started the first round of edits.  One of my beta readers is on the ball and sent it back within a few days with what he found as far as grammar and unclear places.  Plus a couple of suggestions and comments for others areas.

3) Transcribe chapter 1 and start transcription of chapter 2 of Black Friday2 (working title until a better one is thought of)

I’ve done a bit more with this one but it is done.  I swear my handwriting is almost too much for me to decipher sometimes.  Further transcribing will take a while to accomplish.

4) Finish character sketches of the main cast of Society of Night and Lies. (written and drawn)

Believe it or not, I’m more than half way done with this.  I forgot this was for the main cast, not all that are ‘participating’.  heh  My bad.  Each are drawn, I just need to dig out my character sheets and do up their written sketches.  Nothing too detailed, but enough to get an idea of who they are should I decide to add some of this to the glossary of books two and two.  If I do one character a day of the main four, I’ll be done.

How about the rest of you?  I hope you’re all just as close to completing as I am, or done.