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After reading through some of y’alls posts, I decided to hop on the bandwagon for this A to Z in April.  I think I can make 26 posts dedication to a letter of the alphabet.  Thankfully it is one letter per day to devote to.  Even better, where I work, I can easily find subject matter for that days letter, such as some strange medication beginning with the letter I.  100 words will come out very easily with references to see what I mean.  There’s more ideas to do, too.

Goals for April’s #writemotivation are set.  Maybe they won’t more difficult, but they will certainly challenge me with what time I have to write.  I’m surprised I got this far with my goals and so close to being finished.

April #writemotivation goals:

1) Write a new short story for my erotica compilation.

2) Complete draft thee edits on Society of Night and Lies.

3) Finish first round of edits on Test of Ascension.

4) Write character sketches (written and drawn) of the supporting characters in Society of Night and Lies.

5) Start revisions on Black Friday (book 1)

I can still use a couple more beta readers for Test of Ascension.  If you don’t mind soft porn, comment or send me an email.  There’s only one sex scene in there and the rest is more fade to black for the next scene of the story.  This is a fantasy themed story based around a young woman who is searching for a truly pure person in a world where lies, deceit, murder, and violence is common.  I have to say I am rather proud of the single ‘death’ scene and I’ve received several good compliments on it.  While short and to the point, it lent more emotion and gave incentive to the characters to complete the search more quickly.  I know it almost made me cry when I was writing it.

For those of you who have done this longer than I have, are there any other writing groups to add?  I saw one called #sixsentences but lost the link and I cannot remember who in my watchers is on that one.  If there are any which are fantasy/fiction based, point me toward them, please.  The more motivation I have, the more I’ll want to write.  The more I write, the better I’ll become.  The better I get, well… we all know what will happen if we are good enough to be recognized.

Oh, before I leave this for the night, I could use some help writing a query letter for fiction.  There’s still a ways to go before I’m ready to submit SoNL, but I want to get some practice in before then.


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