Hump Day

Finally, it is the middle of the week.  The usual siren test went off at precisely noon to herald the exact middle.  Well, for me it isn’t the middle of the week this week.  I have to work Saturday, so that honor goes to Thursday this time.  But still… for everyone else, Happy Hump Day.

Today was one of those days I wished the phone were never invented.  I swear it kept ringing while I was working the drop off window.  That’s crazy enough without the constant interruptions from the phone.  Sure, I understand that people need to ask questions about their medications or check to see if their doctor has called something in for them.  It is part of my job.  Only thing I can’t do, and I wish I could do this like I did as a young teen, is carry on two or more separate conversations at one time and keep everything straight.  Trying to take care of the person right there with their prescription and getting the data entry done so others can get them filled is hard enough.

Honestly, I don’t like running the window but our usual lady is down sick and we had another girl call in, as if this were any surprise.  Every Wednesday, save a couple here and there, she has called in and left us hanging without enough people to cover.  Schedule says she must be there, so… I guess she doesn’t need the money that bad.  No way her child can be sick this regularly.

I do apologize for this rant.  It needed to come out someplace, but these little snippets of my day also play a part in my writing; just as photos help another watcher and also help to inspire me, too.  I could just post this on my LiveJournal only, but then again, I am lazy and don’t want to waste that much effort to write two different posts.  There are small exceptions to this, too.

Note also, Wednesday’s, according to my blogging schedule, is when I post the general news in my life.  That really hasn’t been done in a very LONG time.  Lately, it has been things concerning my recent writing efforts.  Which do you prefer?  If you say writing efforts, I won’t blame you one bit.

Monday, I was asked a written character sketch was.  They know what a normal one is, a drawn representation of the person in question to set the visual.  Being gamers, or at least role players, the best to explain the written version was @desc me.  @desc is how a text-based game shows what a character looks like so that when someone enters the command ‘look’ they will get their description.

In the case of sketching a character for a book, I took it further than just looks.  You get a feel for their personality, their quirks, what they look like, what kind of clothes they’d normally wear and things they like to do.  I’ve done this with Sabrina Clawson, the heroine of my book Society of Night and Lies.  All the basics are there plus a few extra details so I can really see and hear her in my mind when I’m editing and revising the book.  Of the main cast, only her sketch is complete.  I still need to do Dean, Jason, and Mindy.  Three good, one bad, as the main ones you’ll see.

Four main with Sabrina as the focus isn’t too bad and workable.  Of the support characters, some more than others will have action, such as Felix, Sabrina’s husband, Reyna, Gerin, Sondra and Shyleah. Two have very little time in the spotlight and are more a part of the driving force for the plot.  There are a couple of named and their time is brief enough to help keep things moving.