Supah Stah!

You know, I really need to instill in my son the need to tell me everything.  For the simple fact that today, I had no idea he had a school performance for his music class tonight.  had no idea until I went to get him from therapy and mom told me.  She didn’t know either until the music teacher told her while she was there picking him up from school for therapy.

Lucky for my little boy, my boss let me leave a half hour early so I could get home, freshen up a bit then scoot him and his dad over to the school to watch.  Colin was more than happy to have us along.

All of us, my mother, Dave, and I all expected Colin to back out at the last second due to nerve and general anxiety about being in front of so many people.  Nope!  He proved us wrong and managed to stay, and even participated in the whole performance.  I watched him sing his little heart out and dance with the rest of the kids.

For the most part, he behaved himself quite well, but I caught him pestering the girls closest to him and gave him that warning finger moms are known for while his music teacher gave him a quick reprimand.  Nothing to embarrass him, but he got the hint and settled down.  Otherwise, he was grinning and doing his part with the rest.

Even better, I got the little turkey on video.  I used the camcorder function on my phone to capture all 35 minutes or so of the entire show.  All the kids were great and most of the people trying to get pictures tried not to walk in front of my phone while I was recording, but others just had to strut past and pause as if they had no clue what I was doing.  (Some people didn’t read their show pamphlet very well with the rules of being a ‘polite’ audience)  They saw me recording but didn’t care.  One family let their little toddlers run around in front of the stage and play.  The kids were not quiet and were not supervised at all until someone let them know they were getting too wild up there and were giggling and squealing loudly.  Thankfully, the kids didn’t in any of the shots.  Only the kids singing were there.

So, yeah, my son was a supah stah tonight.  He got rewarded with a dinner and pie at Village Inn afterwards.

Tonight, once I could sit down and go through my emails, I found a message from  Some time ago, they had closed down for reasons I don’t know.  Now, they are back up and in their archive, they had my one decent poem I had written about 10 years ago.  It took me by surprise that the site had returned and remade itself.  I doubt I’ll post anything else on there, but I don’t see a need to remove that one piece.  People liked it before, so let them continue to read it if they want.

For the curious, search for the poem Lady Cat and you’ll find it.  I have no idea what kind of poem it is, but it worked well and moves smoothly from verse to verse.  Sadly, the formatting doesn’t look good so there are no breaks between the verses.

Find anything new and curious today?