Editing Fervor #writemotivation

With the way my allergies are acting today, I consider myself lucky to get as much done as I did.  My eyes are itchy and feel swollen.  To be frank, that remnant of an inner eyelid we have was swollen pretty bad last night.  bad enough I could feel the pressure against my eyes.

All this means to me was I have to crank up the font so I can see what I was editing.  That did help until I decided that it was getting late and I really should get some rest.

Best thing is, I did actually do some work on my #writemotivation over the last couple of hours.  Instead of yanking out Society of Night and Lies, I pulled out Test of Ascension and got to page 40 on edits.  Now, this is 40 of 68 pages edited, so not too bad.  Only 28 more to go then draft two will be ready for another round of beta reading.

I decided last night, before posting my #atozchallenge blog, I would do these separate to cut down on confusion for myself and eliminate forgetfulness on my part.  But, this also means I have more time to research the associated letter for the day before mentioning progress on my other goals.

Originally, I wasn’t going to do a set theme to the alphabet challenge, but now, I think it’ll be fun picking a word and doing some research on it; such as today’s B is for Beer post.  My theme is set but I’m looking forward to what the coming days bring.

1) Write a new short story for my erotica compilation.

Haven’t started on this one yet.  May not do much until my day off on Thursday.

2) Complete draft thee edits on Society of Night and Lies.

Nothing here, yet, but it will soon.  This one is a 100+ pages to work through so it will take time.

3) Finish first round of edits on Test of Ascension.

Now, here is my progress.  This one shouldn’t take very long to finish.

4) Write character sketches (written and drawn) of the supporting characters in Society of Night and Lies.

I’ve started the drawing on Gerin, the leader of the secret society.  So far, not too bad.

5) Start revisions on Black Friday (book 1)

Haven’t started this one, yet, either, but, it will be started at some point or another.

So, anyone else having any luck getting their goals started for the month?


6 thoughts on “Editing Fervor #writemotivation

  1. Man, when my eyes do that, I’m pretty much shot on productivity for the rest of the day, so kudos to you!

    You’ve got some awesome goals this month, and I hope that you’ll be able to make it to the Tulsa NaNo write-in or critique session later on!

    It’s almost like we have our own little “Tulsa chapter” of #writemotivation, lol!

      1. it’s April 14th at Clarehouse (on Mingo, between 71st & 81st) from 1-5 pm. We’ll have directions up on the blog & facebook page in the next few days 🙂

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