Over the Hump We Go

The middle of the week has finally arrived.  Here in Tulsa, it started off cloudy and a bit drizzly but it turned into a rather nice day when i finally left work.  Soft, cool breezes made the drive home comfortable and helped to ease the day off my nerves.  Good music did, too, I may add.

Last night I mentioned I had forgotten a detail in my novel Society of Night and Lies.  Thinking of what to do is easy, but which ideas to implement is the hard part.  To give you a good idea about who Dean Gombosi, he’s a braggart and thinks he is more than what he actually is.  He has some leadership ability but he mostly bullies others into doing what  he wants instead of asking and giving them a reason to follow his orders.  He isn’t above using black mail or dirty tricks to get exactly what he wants.  While he may have been nice once, when he was young, he has grown into a man with few morals and a penchant for taking the violent route.  Knowing someone’s secrets is what gives him power over them.  There is little he won’t do.

While the rest of the people in the society know how to defend themselves with martial arts and swordplay, he would rather use a gun to keep out of range of hands, feet, or that sharp-edged knife.  As a result, he’s not in the best physical shape but he is still in good condition and can run if needed.  His strengths lie mostly in the business end of the secret society; keeping the books and various files.  It would be fair to say he has probably doctored many entries to make himself look better in their leader’s, Gerin, eyes.

As far as his appearance, he thinks he’s a stud any woman would want, scars and all.  A good attitude to keep, but he thinks everyone should think the same and gets angry when others don’t agree.  He has little patience when it comes to the opinion of others and a short fuse.  A smart person who could play their cards right would make him angry so it would be easier to defeat him in a fight.  He loses all sense once he’s riled up.

That character is actually based off a few particular bullies I’ve had to deal with back in school.  The worst of them didn’t stop bothering me until I moved out of town.  The smart ones realized I could get them in real trouble if they persisted before I turned 18 and eventually left me alone.  Others, it took striking back to make them back down.  Sabrina will be doing the same thing with this bully and teach him a few good lessons before the trilogy is done.

Bedtime for Bonzo!

What have you considered for your own writing efforts?