E is for Exercise #atozchallenge

Frankly, I don’t do much of this subject due to various reason though none of them are a good excuse.  There is a lot to say about getting out and taking a walk whether it is a walk around the block, to the store (if one is close), at the park, or if you’re lucky enough to have one in your area, along nature trails, or going to the gym to work the weights and jog on the treadmill.  Some of us have day jobs which can be considered exercise, such as my own when I’m running register and have to run around the counter to retrieve the bags with the prescriptions in them for our patients.

When it’s busy, we can do almost a mile if we went around the counter instead of retracing our steps after grabbing the bag.  It can get your heart racing just trying to keep up while doing that method.  Then, of course, when fillings, there’s all kinds of climbing, reaching, stretching and bending to get the needed medications.  When taking care of the truck orders, that’s where the weights will come in.  Only on occasion does the log copy demand any effort beyond flipping papers over to apply stickers and that’s when we run a batch to our storage room for safe keeping when the box is filled.  That box gets real heavy, too.

Work isn’t considered exercise by the experts for the mere fact it isn’t consistent and does get your heart rate up high enough to be of any ‘good’ to you.  Apparently, these people haven’t been in the same jobs I have.  Cart pushers alone, at Wal-Mart, do several miles a day retrieving carts from the parking lot and helping to keep the grounds clean.  Same can be said for the maintenance crew, and the people who are out on the floor stocking and getting things for the customers.

Getting even just a few minutes a day of exercise will help ease stress and make you feel better.  How sneaky can you be to get a bit of good stretching at work while on the clock if your facility doesn’t offer a gym?  Very sneaky and hardly anyone will notice, either.

Lucky are those who are in a building that has a nice gym to workout.  Especially if it’s a gym that has a big punching bag for when those truly stressful moments pop up and make your teeth hurt from the clenching.


2 thoughts on “E is for Exercise #atozchallenge

  1. Hey there, Uugghh, just thinking of the word exercise used to make me tired. I was probably the least exercised person I know. I have a sit down job and then come home and sit at the computer for a few hours more. The last time my car was at the shop, I decided to walk home and it nearly killed me. I could barely walk up the stairs to my 2nd floor apartment. The sad part is the garage is less than half a mile away. I decided right then and there that things were going to change for me. I now walk a few times a week and feel much better.

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