After a long day of running around town, I’ve taken some time to relax; not too much because a nice nap intervened then dinner, and now, just chilling before I finally drag my butt off to dreamland.

While waiting for my son to finish his therapy sessions, I took some time to consider a few things for part two of my trilogy.  Mostly, I thought about how much time would have elapsed before things pick up again and Dean finds Sabrina in her new life.  Another thing occurred to me was would she change her name again or keep a much lower profile than she did before.  In either case, I decided Dean and Gerin would be more in the background being mentioned more than anything else or the odd phone conversation being overheard while someone else did their dirty work, such as Jason’s twin brother, Devin.  A few good plot points could be made with him trying to take out his own brother.

One thing will remain in this one that was in the original version, there will be a relationship developing between Jason and Sabrina and Sondra, Jason’s interest in the first book will be falling by the wayside after things don’t turn out quite the way she wants.  He’ll have to deal with that break up which will be fairly fresh.  Sabrina will have the death of her husband and best friend still hovering over her and causing problems there.  There’s a lot of guilt being felt which will give her much to work through and grow beyond in time.

Last night while I was reading through the various posts on my Facebook wall, I saw a humorous quote which I think will work beautifully in a scene which is coming.  It’ll part of some of the material going into the additions I’ll be making to fill in a point I forgot about in the first draft.  It fits her personality quite well and how she feels toward Dean specifically.  More than likely, it’ll be one of the few scenes to happen before she finally pulls the last strings to bring him down in front of the whole society

The quote is: “I would explain it to you but I am all out of puppets and crayons.”  Imagine that being said in a mildly sarcastic tone as part of a flippant response to one of his demands.  It would fit perfectly for what I have in mind.  It will also give him some extra fire to go after her again in the next two books of the trilogy, too.

Has anyone had a scene or even a whole story inspired by a simple quote?  Let me know.  I’d certainly enjoy hearing what everyone has to inspire their stories.


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  1. I love it when there is down time to just think about plotting. Or when an awesome quote inspires so much. Thanks for posting!

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