Hawt Dawg!

Today, I had the pleasure of trying one of Tulsa’s many little hole-in-the-wall places for lunch.  It wasn’t an expected stop, but it was one which was well worth it.

The place I visited is called The Gnarley Dawg.  I’ve seen it many times when I’d go to the bread outlet next door to get a few loaves of my favorite bread cheap.  It has always smelled good, but funds prevented me from going there sooner.

It is a place known for its hot dogs and sausages.  They have a variety from your average dog to chicken sausage and good quality Italian sausages and brats.  Nothing tastes greasy or over cooked like some places do.  Even the buns were kept soft and fresh with steam, never mushy, until ready to use.  The line and grill are definitely much more clean than any fast food place ZI have ever visited or worked at before, which is a huge plus in my book.

When you go in, you’ll notice it is a small place and the decor reminds you of a junkyard with the different advertising signs for MOPAR, oil, and gasoline, not to mention the odd car part hanging on what looks to be a high fence with barbed wire along the walls.  It is remarkably clean and all you smell is the food cooking.  Kind of dark, but the atmosphere is comfortable and unique.

What I had today was their T-Town Pup.  It’s a traditional beef coney style dog with chili, onions, cheese and just enough mustard to give flavor.  While not too big, it was worth the price at a $1.47.  That is just for the dawg.  They also have sides, such as their kool slaw (cole slaw), gnarley noodles (mac and cheese) and others or you can have chips, cookies or even just a drink.

Let me say this before I go further; I don’t like hot dogs.  I find them disgusting as far as flavor and texture.  Even their smell makes my stomach churn.

With that out of the way, The Gnarley Dawg is the only place I’ll go to have a hot dog.  It wasn’t until I tried the T-Town pup that I decided to have the occasional hot dog but only from them.  The chili sauce is good, not salty or greasy tasting.  It was just thick enough and had none of those drips so many other chili sauces have when warmed.  Personally, they could use a better cheese, but it went well.  Honestly, they could have melted the cheese a little before serving the dog.  The onions they used had just enough heat to impart good flavor and weren’t piled on or barely sprinkled.  Full of tummy warming goodness no matter what.

The side I chose was their Gnarley Noodles.  These, I could tell weren’t from a box or can.  They used a large elbow macaroni for the pasta and a light cheese sauce that was just enough to hold it together.  Add a little pepper or salt and it was perfect and little need to chase noodles which decided to fall off.  Even though mine was cool, it wasn’t hard or dry, just very yummy.

Now, believe it or not, it was my chiropractor, Dr. Cole, who suggested that mom try them out.  He goes there often for lunch.  It’s only a two mile drive from his office, so it’s a perfect spot to go.  Now, I only need one closer to my Wal-Mart so I can enjoy a decent lunch for a good price.

For anyone who wants to try them out, you can find the Gnarley Dawg at 6011 S Mingo Rd, here in Tulsa.