Happy Easter!

Here we are on the Christian’s version of the celebration of Spring.  On this day Jesus rose according to the Gospels and only a single woman saw him before running through town telling everyone.

A very bland, dry, rehash of the old story.  I know.  But, the way I see it and my general opinion could start a debate I’d rather not get into or arguments which could last forever.  So, I will leave it at that.

At this time, along with Easter, we can also say Happy Spring because now is the time that crops can be safely planted with fear of frost or ice.  Baby birds have hatched and are chirping ravenously for food while other baby animals are stepping out into the sunshine for the first time since birth.  The trees are in bloom as are many bulbs such as daffodils and narcissus.  Soon enough, honeysuckles will be filling the air with their sweet smell and berries will be appearing where the blossoms once bloomed.

This is the time of year when Tulsa looks its best.  manicured lawns are lush and green with colorful flowers blooming. Azalea, pansies, flowering bushes and trees, they all add a splash of color to a green monochrome landscape.  The city has come alive with the birds flitting about and gathering worms and seeds for their young.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I plan on growing some flowers in the plot beside my backdoor and getting a few baskets to keep just outside on the porch.  There is a huge craving for fresh vegetables growing along with the desire to have fresh air instead the AC or heater.

Best to enjoy it now.  Before we know it, it’ll be hot and uncomfortable until fall arrives.

As some may have noticed this week, I have been doing posts featuring a letter of the alphabet.  Some have been quite interesting and others kind of bland and rushed.  The bland, rushed, posts were done late while I was trying to get them out of the way to do some editing and/or writing before bed.  I did find each one fun to write and research.  As the first one said, Wikipedia is a great resource.  I was surprised by what I found on April alone and on cheetahs and beer.   The posts on Drugs, Exercise and Google, and friends and family didn’t require much and were opinion based.  Imagine what this week will bring as I start up again with the letter H.

I hope your Easter was filled with sweet delights and good times with your church and family.