Editing Progress

I spent a good two hours working through edits on Society of Night and Lies tonight.  It doesn’t look like I’ve done a whole lot, but it certainly feels good knowing I’ve gotten past chapter nine in edits.  Chapters seven and eight proved to be difficult in revisions and getting the grammar and tense corrected.

I am reading as I go along, seeing what needs to be revised or just re-written all together.  There were a couple of places needing more added to it just to get the tension of the scene across and do more show than tell.  Speaking of, I need a volunteer, or three, to beta read after this draft after I get it done to see if I have filled in any gaps, kept the flow smooth and, hopefully, build the tension of the story properly.

To me, it feels right, but I’m just too close to the story to be able to see or feel what it needs to really make it pop.

Right now, I am about two-thirds into the story and there is still a lot more to do.  With luck, I’ll have this round of edits and revisions done before the end of the month.  I still have to finish the first round of edits on another story and at least get started on a third, but this one is my biggest, and probably, most important one to do for now.

There is one volunteer to read each draft I prepare.  I do intend to ask others in my local Nano group if they’d be willing to beta read.  I won’t mind reading theirs when they’re ready to let others have a look at their work in return.  Some of the progress I’ve heard about in their own stories is making me want to see more and hopefully read if they’ll allow.

As it is now, I am looking forward to the write-in this weekend.  It has been a while since I’ve been able to hang with local writers and get a few ideas to use in my stories.  Now, if only I could get similar ideas and such with a group of local artists and role players.  =~.^=

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  1. You definitely need to come to the next critique group session. I can’t remember, are you on the email list for the local non-nano events? If you are, you should have gotten an email yesterday about the write-in tomorrow, and the critique group session on April 28th.

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