I is for Ignorance #atozchallenge

This is a sad subject and I see it very often in my line of work.  Even before when I was in fast food or just a simple cashier in retail, I witnessed and had to handle the ignorance of others, more specifically willful ignorance.

The definition of Ignorance is:

the state or fact of being ignorant : lack of knowledge, education, or awareness

Quite literally, it means you ignore information when it is given to you either through experience or education.  Willful ignorance takes this further by a person purposefully ignoring information which can help them.  In other words, they play stupid to get things without having to work for it.

For example, people texting or talking on the phone while driving.  This is an example of willful ignorance on their part because they are endangering others and themselves just to take care of a message right then and there.  This is why there are now laws in place to encourage people to stop doing these things.  Of course, very few actually listen and continue to talk/text and put other motorists in danger because that message just cannot wait until they pull over into a parking lot.

Talking/texting is just as dangerous while driving as being drunk.  your attention just isn’t there.  People are surprised when they get into a wreck because of their ignorance.

Take this another step, people talking on their phones while handling their transactions at a register.  If you are gathering information pertaining to the transaction, no problem.  Just yakking away as if we weren’t there and not listening when we ask questions or direct you to do things, then we have a problem.  Not only is it bad manners, but you miss information because you’re not paying attention.  People get irate because they missed something because of their own lack of manners and play ignorant.

We, the employees of all businesses are there to help.  If you don’t know where something is or just cannot find it, we will help.  Do remember we are also held by store policies and laws which can prevent us from giving information.  Ask a pharmacy technician about what a certain pill does, we are not allowed to answer.  We have to bring over the pharmacist, who will know far more and give more information other than personal experience or here-say.  That’s their job, not the technician.

So, when your friendly pharmacy tech says they cannot answer something about your pills, don’t get mad.  It is policy that we direct you to the pharmacist and law that he tells you about your medications.  Those who hold the degree know what they are doing.

Ignorance is also applied to those who purposefully go the wrong way down a parking lane, or even park in a spot which definitely not a place to park.  You know the ones I speak of, cars parked in spaces which have lines through them indicating they are to be left open so handicap vans have a place to load and unload people in wheelchairs without hitting another vehicle.  Some even have signs stating specifically no parking, for police  only and there are  normal cars in them causing driving hazards.

More people need to actually stop and think about what they are doing.  Ignorance of any kind is not good and doesn’t always give you what you want.  A little fore thought and courtesy will get you practically anything.  Drive safe and be nice to your technicians and cashiers!


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  1. English law says that ignorance is not a defence. Not sure if they mean willful ignorance or just plain old “can’t be bothered finding out” sort of ignorance though 🙂

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