J is for… #atozchallenge

You know, I could not think of anything fun, useful, or what ever for today’s post.  Everything has been a JUMBLE of ideas and nothing really JUMPS to mind as something worth using for today’s challenge post.

Even at work, I was JUGGLING different posts from drop off to register.  at one point, I was even JOGGING around the counter retrieving sacks of prescriptions freshly filled and approved.  At least when i came home during lunch, I got to see a lot of blue JAYS and smelled the fresh scent of JASMINE growing someplace near by.  

At least this afternoon was nice and quiet.  This morning, there were a lot of JETS flying over the store.  Of course, my store sits less than a mile from the southern most end of the airport and a lot of planes fly right over us.  We can only hope none of them JETTISON anything while in flight.    But the noise, oh that is nerve wracking, especially while trying to hear people who are hoarse or very soft spoken.

Ah well.  not much that can be done about that noise.  I may as well JOIN the rest and quietly complain while continuing to help my patients.

Maybe I can think of something for this post on the letter J.  Since this one is already getting a tad long, I’ll give you the link to the Wikipedia entry on the letter J.



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