K is for Karina #atozchallenge

Who is Karina you ask?

Karina is the narrator of my book Black Friday.  She is the one who guides and observes the werewolf Nick as he goes from a uninformed man when she first meets him to a proud wolf ready to defend their own people from an uncertain future.

When the book begins, Karina is found wandering a retail store much like a Wal-Mart and observing the average human while they shop till they drop to get the best bargains.  Of course, the day she goes in is known as Black Friday.  This is also a nick name which is only mentioned once in the whole story.  Right off the bat, she shows her disdain for humans though she’d never hurt one intentionally.

Her thoughts and views of what is going on come off as snarky and bitchy (pardon my language), even sarcastic.  Little patience is given to the people she’s watching while she waits for her student to arrive.  There is even less patience for her student Nick when she finally meets him and tracks him down deep within a wooded area where the enemies of her kind have him held captive.

Through the course of the story, we watch Karina grow and change as each new event happens.  Her views of the world haven’t change but how she handles them has, as if she were finally beginning to grow up and see things from another perspective.  There are reasons for why she thinks the way she does and they are explained.

Not everything is revealed in this first book.  Karina has much to tell in future stories.

Are you willing to take a peek and see?

(sorry for the self promotion in this post.  This character was all I could think of for the letter K.)

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