M is for Modesty

Or it can be for Municipal Liaison.  Either way, both are fitting for today’s letter.

Modesty just means keeping it simple, or small.  A modest person doesn’t brag about their abilities or try to one up someone at every turn.  Accolades are received with a smile and a thank you, but rarely would they do more to show their gratitude.  Modesty also is in how you behave; such as wearing something nice that isn’t too tight or too loose, doesn’t let things show but still accents and looks nice.


Then, we have Municipal Liaison.  This is a NaNoWriMo term for the person, or persons, who gather together local participants in the November writing challenge and set up write-ins and gatherings, offer encouragement and aid to those who are working hard to reach that 50k mark during that frenzied month of writing.  The one for Tulsa is a vibrant and funny woman who is just as nutty as the rest of us.  With her and her co-liaison, our NaNo group has monthly write-ins during the off-season and, now, critique groups to help each other get closer to our writing goals and improve our craft.


3 thoughts on “M is for Modesty

  1. I like the idea of combining two things. I have never done a NaNo but didn’t realize they had municipal liaisons. I had never realized they were that formal in structure.Maybe this year.

    1. It’s a fairly new thing they started a few years ago. I didn’t know about them either until I moved back to OK and joined the Tulsa OK group on the Nano forums. They emailed me and I’ve been trying to be active with the group since.

      NaNoWriMo is definitely worth it. I’ve gotten ideas down I had trouble with before. Some I haven’t gone back to but others are being worked on now.

  2. Not every NaNo region is as structured as ours, and there are a ton that are MUCH more structured, but this seems to be the balance that works well for our area, and keeps things simple for me and Michelle.

    I’m glad that our endeavors have been helpful for you, Candace, and it was great to see you there on Saturday! 🙂

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