Sunday Rehash

I don’t know about anyone else, but this past week has been strangely hectic.  Not so much with work, but with life in general.  Funny thing is, there hasn’t been a lot going on to make it seem so hectic.

Maybe it was because I was trying out a couple of new games on Facebook; both of which have been deleted due to lack of real interest and too many flaws in general.  Or, it was because I’ve been actually doing some work on each of my writing goals for the month.  Editing and writing does require a lot of effort and time to accomplish.  Add in this #atozchallenge and time did become tight to an extent; mostly in trying to come up with an idea for the letter of the day and researching the idea so I don’t sound like a moron or give misinformation.

Ah, but yesterday (Saturday) was such fun, if strangely quiet.  My local NaNo group had the monthly write-in and it was the most quiet one I have ever attended.  While I couldn’t really focus on writing or even editing, I did get a lot done.

Society of Night and Lies reached the half way mark as far editing and four new parts were added to scenes to make them more coherent.  There is more to come on this one as I work toward the places where sub-plot will be added to fill in a missing gap.  I knew when I finished it in the 2004 Nano something was missing.  I just could not put my finger on it and I read and re-read it several times since.  It took editing from a friend of mine who volunteered to handle the grammatical aspect to point it out with a simple question mark and a note wondering where it was to come into play.

Talk about a head-smacking moment.

I managed to write only a little bit on Union of Earth and Spirit, the next in my erotica compilation.  The muse wasn’t in a writing mood and I was starting to feel a bit too warm where I was writing at the time.  If I’m not comfortable, I can’t really focus no matter what it is I want to do.  I did manage to finish off the scene I had started.

Finally, I got several pages transcribed on Black Friday 2.  This one is hand written and needed revising while I transcribed.  Several areas I wondered what it was I was trying to say or show so they were taken care of right then; which did slow down progress.  But, I at least got to work on it.  That was the whole point, working on getting it from paper to data file.  Right?

Thinking about the past on the a to z challenge, I am surprised I managed to come with subjects I knew something about.  Well, all except for one, anyway.  Hercules was fun touching in on a bit about him and what drove him to do the 12 tasks.  Ignorance touched a lot of people in my views of people who purposefully ignore things told and common sense and those who honestly had no idea.  J was a jumbled post of things with words beginning with J highlighted.  It was more of a humorous thing proving I had no clue what to do for that day.  For K, I decided to tell a bit about Karina, the narrator of my first published book, Black Friday.  Was the view counter looked, it was popular and appreciated though few commented. For L, I did a few quotes from one of my favorite movies and talked about the word Ludicrous.  Lastly, M, I chose two subjects, Modesty and Municipal Liaison.  They fit together well since the Tulsa area Liaison is a modest woman who is worthy of the praise she gets.

Here’s to a new week.  May it be filled with new challenges for all and all goals met.

Have fun!!!