Goal Checks #writemotivation

I’ve rehashed the week last night.  I’m looking forward to a calmer week as far as work, but we’re getting ready for inventory which is a week, if not less, then we gear up for summer vacation time.  People will be flocking in because of stupid stuff and needing their meds to take on their trips.  I’m already considering when to take my next week off.  It may be the week of Colin’s birthday in July, or I may take it in June.  more than likely, the week of my son’s birthday so we can do something super special without me worrying about work the next day.  He deserves that much after the hectic year he’s had.

1) Write a new short story for my erotica compilation.

Not a lot has been done with this one.  While I did get it started, I haven’t touched the story until Saturday and only managed to add another page just to finish off the open scene and establish why Leofa is trying to find and capture a kitsune.  This one will see more work this week.

2) Complete draft three edits on Society of Night and Lies.

Got up to page 84 of the printed manuscript done.  That’s about a quarter of the story as it stands now.  But, I am missing pages 85 to 143 and they are nowhere to be found.  This means I am going to have to drop it into the grammar checker in MS Office after I correct the tense.  It switches from third person past to third person present tense  It gets confusing when you’re seeing things referred to as if in the past then suddenly ‘they leave’, ‘she says’, ‘he does’ instead of ‘they left’, ‘she said’, or ‘he did’.  It flip-flops a lot throughout the story.  So, who ever decides to critique the full novel will have a challenge keeping things straight if I don’t catch it all this time around.  Remember, this is draft four already and there’s still places which are just now being found.

Who knows what I’ll be working on then, but I may use that time to write some or just vegetate and let the day decide what we’ll do.  There’s still a bunch to do in either case.

4) Write character sketches (written and drawn) of the supporting characters in Society of Night and Lies.

I haven’t done jack with these all week.  I’ll open the file to start making sense of the notes I made on my phone and just cannot put make a proper and accurate description of the characters at all.

5) Start revisions on Black Friday (book 1)

I have gotten started on this, finally.  It is being rammed through the grammar checking in MS Office, which is also correcting spelling on words I thought were spelled right the first time.  To be honest, this story and SoNL prove I am the Queen of Fragment Sentences, because that is what the checker keeps finding, and my editor.  >.<  This goal can be considered done since I only needed to get started on it.  I’ll try to get as far as I can before month’s end, though.

How are your goals coming along?  Ahead, behind, par?  I bet you’re doing better than me!  😉

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