N is for Neuter #atozchallenge

let’s face it, a neutered pet is a ‘happier’ and healthier pet.  There is a good reason for both of these.  If you neuter your dogs and cats, there is a lot less mess and aggression.  Not to mention, a whole lot less noise.  As is the case of my tom cat, Caffeine.

Caffeine is a handsome short hair moggy (mix breed domestic cat), with Siamese showing in his breeding ranging from his long legs, thin body and tabby color points.  Another key trait belonging to the Siamese breed are his pale blue eyes and the fact he is cross-eyed; just noticeable if you look at him straight on but it doesn’t interfere with his hunting and jumping.  There is a lot of white showing on him so his color points aren’t very apparent until you really look him.

Put it frankly, he is a full tom and lately, he has been trying to sing to the ‘ladies’ in the area.  His normal meow is rather soft, kind of squeaky, but when he decides to sing, his voice is throaty for such a small cat.  Though he has figured out he shouldn’t be marking anything in the house, he does from time to time and find his scent replaced with Febreeze.  If he’s caught, he is automatically squirted with water and hissed at to make sure he understands.  When he tries to assert his dominance over us, he’ll try to scruff our wrists, the only spots he can get to easily and get his mouth around.  This is his only truly aggressive act.  While funny, we immediately take the role of top cat and growl at him, hiss if needed then grab his scruff he decides to persist.

Neutering can take care of this, but trust you me, neutering is not cheap in the slightest.  So, until we have the money and time, we have to endure these antics.  Those out there who haven’t neutered their pets will understand.  But I have to ask you this, is your pet’s behavior worth not getting them fixed?  If you want to breed, sure, but a breeding animal isn’t always the best pet to have.

Yes, neuter your pets.  Please!  Everyone will thank you for it in the end.


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