O is Ogre #atozchallenge

The first thing I thought of for today’s letter was Ogre.  Why?  because I love one in particular, the character Shrek.  Really, how can you not like the big lug?

Sure, he loves his home in the swamp, has a funny and tough as nails, if genteel, wife, and three adorable little tykes, but that isn’t what makes him so likable in my opinion.  What makes Shrek so lovable is that he simply wants people to stop judging him before they get to know him.  Other ogres may go around wreaking havoc and causing trouble, but he doesn’t and puts plenty of distance between himself and the rest of his kind.

Looking at his dirty, simple, clothing, no one expect that he is a sweet, gentle, funny, person who actually cares about others.  All he wants is to be left alone with his family in the relative peace and quiet of the swamp.

Sounds kind of what I’m like though without people running scared or attacking with pitchforks.  (Oh, I hope no one gets any ideas from that remark  😉 )

Of all the characters in the movies, Shrek showed the most growth and not just because he is the main character.  Donkey, Fiona and Puss didn’t show a lot of growth and they were with him more often than the rest.  Still, they all played very well off  of him and made a wonderful series of stories more people should pay attention to.  I’m looking at the bullies out there specifically for this one.


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