P is for Posting #atozchallenge

You know that thing we do called posting?  Yeah, what I’m doing now; posting a blog.  how else is anyone supposed to know what is going on if you don’t post something; even if it is as simple as ‘This day sucks >.<‘ to something more involved that may take a few minutes of your time (meaning 15 to 20) to read it from beginning to end.

Some posts we enjoy reading and others just don’t keep our attention for long.  Some are mundane, a recap of the day, week, or even month, though very interesting and some times humorous, we don’t pause long for them while others wander off the beaten path and explore new things, ask questions and opinions that make anyone pause to see what they found and learn something new.

No matter what, even introverts like myself have to keep on posting.  For me, once or twice a day is good.  The three or more others do is just fine and I love reading them all.



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