Q is for Q #atozchallenge

Who is probably the most arrogant, assholish, bonified nut-job in all the universe? (Especially the Star Trek universe Next gen anyone?)

If you answer anyone other than Q, then you’d be dead wrong and not a Star Trek fan.

While I may not be a die hard fan like some of the whining kids out there moaning about the reboot they did with the last movie, I am a fan, and know enough to make most geeks look sad.  To me, Q came off as over bearing, arrogant and quite the bastard in his first appearance in Next Generation.  he was a character I loved to hate.  In fact, in Q, I found inspiration for a few villains.

Throughout the series, Q had tested Picard and tried to make him go running home to Earth with his tail between his legs.  But, because Picard never did, Q learned many things from his favorite ‘pet’ human.  He even learned that he had a heart, a softer side that confused the life out of him until he was made human for a short time.

Yeah, he was never really a villain, but he definitely wasn’t a good guy, just someone who thought h was greater than the universe.

What other characters out there could hold a match to this one person?  So far, I’ve found none, but the evil queen in ‘Once Upon a Time’ comes very close, but she doesn’t close enough to outshine Q.


2 thoughts on “Q is for Q #atozchallenge

  1. Q is definitely in a class all his own. If you haven’t watched Star Trek: Voyager, though, you’re missing a whole other story line with him, and it draws on his ‘time’ with Picard a lot.

    1. I have watched all of Voyager. I thought the series was well made and the story lines perfect for their long sojourn back home. I think Janeway taught Q a thing or three in each of his appearances.

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