While I haven’t done a lot of work on any of my stories this week, I did finally finish the first round of edits on Test of Ascension tonight.  Before I go to bed, I’ll be sending this revised copy off to my beta readers so I can begin the next round for next month’s goal check.

So, I can check off one goal for this month.  Okay, make that two goals since I needed to start the revisions on the original copy of Black Friday.  I’m not going to do much more with it until after May 1st, but at least that one can be checked off, too.

There is still the fact I haven’t touched my written character sketches of my cast in Society of Night and Lies.  I know, bad girl for not working on them.  Mostly, I found myself almost too tired to focus on them let alone try to do any editing at all to my other drafts.  I’ve also not done a lot of work on Union of Earth and Spirit, either.  At least it has been started, so I can try to complete it in May’s goals.

Looks like this week will be editing SoNL so I can be done before the end of the month.  I also need to read the excerpts I’ve been sent for the Critique meeting this coming up weekend.  Don’t worry, I did get started on those, just not far enough in to make an opinion or anything.  Thankfully, they’re short enough I can read them any time.

Here’s to a super busy week!


2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. There’s a reason we limited people to 10 double-spaced pages for the critique sessions 😀

    Some days are just like that – it’s hard to get anything accomplished. Sadly, I think I’ve been fighting an ear infection over the weekend, and since I had a wedding to go to, I’ve been pretty much wiped (and dizzy >_<). At least my ear isn't hurting as much today, though, so I think I'm kicking this thing on my own!

    1. Glad to hear your ear is getting better. Ear infections of any sort of bothersome. To make it easier for me, I’m going to be printing each of these out. Except for my own, of course. 😉

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