W is for Wealth #atozchallenge

There is only thing about wealth everyone knows.  We all want it.  Everyone wants to be wealthy in some way or another.  But, how many know there is more than just monetary wealth?  Way it looks, not many.

Besides the ever popular monetary and material wealth, there is something much stronger, more pure and, quite frankly, much more beneficial than either.  What I speak of is spiritual and social wealth.  People who are rich in friends and have a firm belief in their religion that they gain the rewards that come with both without the ill effects.  These people are the truly happy ones out there.  They have no need of money of possessions to prove they are rich.  That circle of friends they have and the strong sense of community is what makes them feel rich.

While we all need money to survive in this techno-crazy world, we need our friends and families much more to keep us grounded and on going strong.  As the song says “we all need somebody to lean on”.

Which type of wealth do your characters want most?  Do they, or even you, see dollar signs or the next night out with the girls/boys?