X is for… #atozchallenge

Like so many others, I have no idea what to do about this strange letter of the alphabet that hasn’t already been said.  Xerox, x-rays, xenophobia, x marking the spot, and so on have all been done.  Someone has even mentioned X as dealing with our exes. (Very few are on good terms with their exes.  I’m one of many and I’d certainly like to see him X-ed out)

Maybe there is something others haven’t thought of I could try.  What about Xanadu?  The fabled city that was dreamed of by the long dead poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, in his poem Kubla Khan.  Xanadu really was a city in China and it was the capitol of Khan’s empire until he decided to move it to what is now Beijing.

I could go on further, but frankly, I want to dream about the city as it appeared in the poet’s dream that inspired the poem.

You know, this is a far cry better than trying to write about Xopenex or some other medication starting with the letter X.

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