Monday’s Progress #writemotivation

Well, this month I didn’t do so well on my goals.  Thankfully, this wasn’t an official #writemotivation month.  No idea why but I can wager a good guess.

I can say one thing, it has been a productive month over all.  Each night I was going through my manuscripts, editing, revising, and improving on three of the completed drafts I have of three stories; Society of Night and Lies, Test of Ascension, and Black Friday (book 1 revisions).  For this, I am quite proud of myself.  But, I wasn’t able to complete two of my goals because of these three and another challenge; the #atozchallenge.

Needless to say, the which didn’t get done weren’t horribly important, but I wanted to do them.  The first was write the next of my furry erotica stories Union of Earth and Spirit.  Lame title, but it is a place holder until i think of something better.  Something to suggest the humor and fun it’ll have in the story itself.  The second goal was to finish the written character sketches for SoNL.  I haven’t added anything more the notes I made of the main characters, so it was a complete fail.

Three out of five isn’t bad for a non-official challenge month.  At the very least, I did meet my writing goals for the year and we’re only getting into May.

Well… tomorrow is May Day.

You know, I should look that up and do some research as to why we regard May 1st as may Day.  Don’t tell me, let me figure this one out for myself.  It’ll amuse that section of my brain devoted to curiosity and trust me, it is crying out for substance.

So, I’ll give a better view of what April’s goals were, then, I’ll remind myself and everyone what May’s goals will be.  Lots of color!  Definitely, lots of color.

April goals

1) Write a new short story for my erotica compilation.

Failed!  I managed to get this one started but the muse decided I needed to edit and revise other stories first.

2) Complete draft thee edits on Society of Night and Lies.

Success!  I finished the draft four edits last night with plenty of time to spare to read.  But then again, most of yesterday was spent reading.  >.<

3) Finish first round of edits on Test of Ascension.

Success number 2!  This one was completed last weekend without a whole lot of fuss.  It has been sent off to my beta readers to find what needs to smoothed out, revised, and clarified.  Always looking for more willing to look it over, so just speak up and I’ll email a copy.

4) Write character sketches (written and drawn) of the supporting characters in Society of Night and Lies.

Utter failure!  Didn’t do a thing except stare at the ones I had done.  Thankfully this one wasn’t important or really needed, but it does help to maintain consistency in the characters.

5) Start revisions on Black Friday (book 1)

Success!  I only needed get this one started and managed to through to chapter two before  my inner editor demanded I get to work on SoNL and get those edits done before anything else.  It is ready for beta readers though Saturday’s Critique session helped a lot for those first few pages.  Those, when I get all of them in, will be the beginning of the next round of revisions.

So, three out of five is not bad.

Now, on to May’s Goals.  Thankfully, I found the widget that allowed me to place them on my blog page for a constant reminder and so I won’t have to keep looking for the posts with them listed.  >.<

1) Finish second round edits on Test of Ascension.

This one will depend on how quickly I get my readers to respond with their opinions and suggestions.

2) Complete Union of Earth and Spirit.

It’ll be tough, but I’ll be kicking the muse into writing gear  Two to three days of each week I’ll be working on this one exclusively

3) Complete edits/revisions on Black Friday

While it isn’t very long, just over 80K, it shouldn’t take me very long to finish the worst of the grammar edits and revise areas pointed out in the reviews I ahve read.  at least people liked it enough to grant four stars. At least an hour or so each evening dedicated to this.

4) Finish transcribing current Black Friday 2

Not a whole lot to get done on this one, so I can be worked on during the weekends

5) Edit first three stories of Trysts of the Hearts and start 6th story

Definitely the editing will be done, a couple days a week dedicated to just the editing.  How quickly goal 2 is done will determine if I’ll start writing the next one or not.  This one will have a brand new species made for my sandbox world of Haven; a mysterious race of dragon-taurs.  I will try my hardest to at least get this one started before the end of the month.


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    1. I’m ready for the next round, though I may bring one of my other stories to see how they are received and let people do the critique on the full, current, draft of SoNL

  1. The A to Z challenge definitely left me with very little writing time – not that I was making any progress on my WIP anyway! Best of luck with all your goals!

    Wishing you a very productive #writemotivation month,

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