Z is for The End #atozchallenge

At long last, we come to the final letter of this long alphabet.  There’s quite a bit that can be written about the letter Z.  But, instead, I think I’ll grace everyone with lyrics.  Stop me if you heard them before.  >;)

Zipetty doo dah!  Zipetty day!

My oh my, what a wonderful day!

Plenty of sunshine headin’ our way!

Zipetty doo dah!  Zipetty day!

I won’t exactly call this a wonderful day, but it did have sunshine here in old Oklahoma.

This has been a month to remember.  I know I fried a few cells trying to think of things to go with each letter even though my theme idea fell flat after the first week.  maybe next year, I won’t have so much vieing for my attention that I’ll be able to do more; such as visit more of the blogs participating on this grand scheme of a meme.