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I think it may be difficult to get started on this month’s writing goals.  Mostly, it’s the weather wreaking havoc on old, tired joints.  To those that know me, I don’t look like I’m 40.  Close to it, ut not there, yet.  Truth is, I just turned 40 in January.

Sadly, I’ve started having problems with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome after I had my first child back in the mid to late nineties.  Back then, I was still young enough to not care too much but could not afford to have a physician look at what was bothering me, except for the CTS which took away most of my hand strength and caused a lot of pain.   Thank everything that’s holy I wasn’t too far from a clinic which saw to the problem before it became crippling and required surgery.

There are still problems today with CTS, but nothing as bad as that first bout.  Only around this time of year does it bug me but a lot of it, now, is real arthritis.  At least with what I have in my hands, back, and knee, I know when it will rain.  😀

Don’t be surprised if I’m more quiet than normal until this current front passes.  It has me debating going to the doc again since the current meds are barely helping.  Ned to see the doc regardless for the basics.  Plenty of time coming up soon.

Enough of my rambling.  I hope this weather front is treating everyone better than me.  Age is just not what it’s cracked up to be.  😉


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