I don’t know if anyone has really noticed but I’ve not been posting for the last week or so.  Some know I have been around, especially in town.  I’ve just not been feeling very good.  It has only been a feeling of unwellness which hit last week and spent most of the week trying to fight it.  This week has been spent trying to recover from last week.  I wasn’t sick, just not feeling well and more tired than I should.  It has affected my goals for this month.

While my writing has suffered, I have been doing a lot of reading.  Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Rider series has kept me occupied while I’ve been recovering when not working.  I had forgotten how her books affected me.

She has a way of writing scenes that’ll make you laugh, cry, or become angry.  There is so much emotion put into each turn of phrase.  It’ no wonder she is one of my favorite authors and inspirations to write.  I’ve enjoyed all her books so far, except for one.

That one book is Renegades of Pern.  To me, it seemed disjointed with all the different views it took from different characters.  It did answer questions which had arisen in the other books, but it just could not measure up to the richness of the earlier ones.  The known characters were given more depth and I loved them, but the Renegades, the thieves led by the former Lady Thella, I just could not bring myself to care about them.  Well, not quite all of them.  One, Readis, Jayge’s uncle, had something going for him until his demise.  Not a lot, but there was something.

Honestly, I think a lot was left out to build things up further before the anticlimactic ending where Thella is killed.  This is no spoiler for those who haven’t read it.  From the beginning, when she is introduced, you get the feeling she is going to get killed before it is all said and done.  At least you are left guessing how she’ll die until it happens.

While I did like the story overall, I thought it felt rather rushed.  (I should know how that feels.  Just look at my first book published)  Maybe not one of Mrs. McCaffrey’s best, but it did turn out well.  I simply felt no emotional response through the whole thing.

Currently, I’m nose deep in All the Weyrs of Pern and I am just as mesmerized by it now as I was when I first picked up the book in my school days.  This was the last of the Pern series I read because, at the time, there were no others and several have come out since.  These are building up to the book which I have recently purchased, so they are reminding me of what has happened so I’ll be able to keep up with the plot when I open up DragonsEye and the others.

I’m looking forward to reading this one and the others which have come out.  The excerpts I’ve read from the books her son has done were good.  He has a vastly different style, but he has kept true to the characters she has created and let them grow on their own.

Enough for now.  I’ll have my goal updates in a post of their own.  So, stay tuned and don’t change that channel!


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  1. I’ve been through most of the Pern stories in the last few months–I’m using them for my daily context? tweets and Wednesday blogs. One of the problems with Renegades may be that it started life as a much shorter story, “The Girl who Heard Dragons.”

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