Awesome movie!! *Spoiler Alert*

If anyone can guess, I saw a movie this weekend.  Now, even though pretty much everyone I know has seen this one, there are the odd few who haven’t been able to get out and see the ‘Avengers’.  But honestly, there is a huge spoiler alert for those who have not seen the movie yet.

This is your last chance to turn back and find another post to read.

Opening weekend was missed, and on purpose I must say.  But, patience is always rewarded.  Yesterday, to be more precise, last night (the 19th), I got to see ‘The Avengers’ movie.  It is every bit as awesome as what people have said it was.  There were quite a few scenes which stand out above the rest as well as many good quotable quotes to use.

I love the interactions between Tony Stark and Dr. Banner the most.  It is true, he treats the poor guy like a person, someone he almost idolizes for his intellect and research, rather than the ticking time bomb people see Bruce as.  On his own Tony gains the respect of his peers though it doesn’t stop the sarcastic wit he has or the often funny twist he puts to his words.

Thor is well portrayed without being quite so archaic as others have made him out to be.   His best scene is when everyone is telling him Loki has to be captured and brought to justice before what ever it is he is unleashing is brought in.  Thor says quite clearly, Loki is his brother.  Scarlet then says flat out, Loki has killed 80 people in two days.  To which, Thor responds, “He’s adopted?”  I about fell out of my seat laughing.  Thor’s reaction to the brief conversation and the expression he has when he says Loki is adopted is priceless and well worth the laugh.

Captain America seemed a bit stiff to me, but then again, he is playing catch up after being frozen for 70 years or so.  He has a good excuse.  He is astounded by what Tony does to keep their ship from going down while Cap is being shot at by the bad guys who snuck aboard.  Just seeing how he handles a fan boy is just cute.

But, I have to say my favorite scene in this movie tops the list of memorable scenes happens during the big battle sequence near the end.  Loki has the luck of meeting the Hulk face to face.  after a few brief words ends up being slammed into the ground as if he were a rag doll in a toddler’s hands.  Priceless!  This beats out the scene from Two Towers when Gimli tells Aragorn, just moments before he is tossed onto the bridge the orcs are using “Don’t tell the elf”.

Even if the dialog hack sucked and the interactions seemed lame, or characterizations one dimensional, the CGI and other effects made up for it.  Except for a few little minor details I saw, you couldn’t tell what was real and what was done on computer.

John Whedon did a fabulous job directing this movie and I hope the next one he does can live up to it.