Monday (lack of) Progress #writemotivation

Sad to say, I missed last week’s progress report.  Any other time, it would be because I was too busy trying to meet these goals to cause the delay.  But, that just wasn’t the case this past week.

In all honesty, I just did not feel up to writing at all.  For one, I was super tired from having my days off split apart and each of those days was filled with activity so there was absolutely no chance to rest.  Not a moment to be found for two weeks running.  Combine that exhaustion with recovering from what ever had hit me earlier in the month made it a rough week in general.

I was tired enough that writing just wasn’t a priority.  About all I could muster was energy for checking my emails and other forums for as long as I could sit in my chair, check in on my two games on Facebook, then tried to get comfortable to read.  I did manage to read through four good books over the last three weeks.

Reading so many books was my silver lining.

This last weekend, to help get over the general defeat of last week, I went to the company picnic at Mohawk Park and enjoyed some good food and company.  The fresh air and sunshine did a lot of good, plus Colin had a blast.  I at least got started on editing SoNL but didn’t get far enough to actually editing it.  >.<  That was Saturday.

Sunday, I did some general house cleaning, a bit more reading and played some on the Wii before starting dinner.  The change in routine did help as well as reading a bit more of my new book, DragonsEye.  But, it all did little to help get these goals met.

So, I am going to revise this month’s goals.  There’s no way I’ll be able to complete any of them as they stand now.

1) Finish second round edits on Test of Ascension.

No one has sent me back their input on this one yet, so nothing has been done.  This was definitely on the maybe side so I wasn’t considering it as an official goal.  Still, if anyone is interested in beta reading, send me a comment or an email.  I’ve copies to send.

2) Complete Union of Earth and Spirit.

I may get some of this done before month’s end, but I doubt it’ll be finished.  So, this goal is going to be scrapped for this month.

3) Complete edits/revisions on Black Friday.

It is possible to get this one done, so I’m keeping it.  I have extra time each night now that Colin is out of school for the summer.

4) Finish transcribing current Black Friday 2.

Considering there isn’t that much left to transcribe, I’m keeping this one.  It’s a matter of clearing off the laptop and fishing the notebook out of this huge pie of stuff beside me on the hearth.

5) Edit first three stories of Trysts of the Hearts and start 6th story.

This one will be revised to /start/ editing the first three stories.  I may go ahead and at least get the 6th story started since it is nagging me to start writing.  Both the main chars are giving me these reproachful looks because I haven’t done anything yet with their scene.  At least I only need to get this one started, not completed.

Not the best, I know and I’m sorry, but who knew I’d be unwell and so tired from work this month.  At least a bout of depression was halted before it could get any worse.  Now, I only need to settle a headache and sore joints then I can happily write and enjoy without interruptions.


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