Week in Review #writemotivation

Looking back at this last week, I find myself actually making some progress on my #writemotivation goals.  Not much, mind you, but enough that I can say I did do something this month.    With just barely a week left, I may be able to accomplish a good portion of them.

The only exception will be the revisions from feed back on Test of Ascension.  Those still reading it have no gotten back to me yet.  One, I know, hasn’t been able to focus much on anything due to young nieces and nephews running around.  Another has been busy rebuilding his computer and getting everything tweaked just right.  Two, from Facebook, have busy lives and will email when they can.  I have no idea about the last one, a friend from DeviantArt.  I sent her a copy to read and have heard nothing back.

Anyway… I’ve been working on editing Trysts of the Hearts.  I didn’t do much at all until I spent an evening chatting with my oldest son over Gmail’s chat client.  He really got that spark going again.  Better yet, he’ll be visiting some time soon.  Hopefully when he gets his driver’s license.  If not, Mom and I will take a weekend to go visit and bring him back for a few weeks.

I really miss my boy.

On top of talking with my eldest, I’ve been puttering around with Scrivener.  I like how it works.  Make notes about characters, places, things, plot ideas.  It’ll help make your outline, if you use outlines, and help keep things linear and moving smoothly.  Plus, you can shift things around more easily before starting the actual writing.  With everything in one place, the information you require is easily accessible instead searching different folders to figure what metal does what reaction when dunked in a particular fluid, or what kind of plants are used to make a remedy to help cure the cold, and things such as that; especially if your various cultures have different traditions to keep track of and why.

For the moment, I’m using Scrivener with the first draft of one of my short stories to test it out.  I use the ‘cork-board’ feature to set up the characters and give notes for them, describe locations and key points in each, notes on past events which are mentioned and have some relevance in the story.  Then, I’ll go through and see how well it’ll do in the spelling and grammatical checks when I’m ready.

That has been the last couple of days, at least since Tuesday.  Today, after coming home from work and finding out my youngest son,  Colin, has been having troubles with some of the other kids in the complex, I decided to play on the Wii.  I don’t play much, if at all.  He wanted to join me.  I let him, but only after we ate dinner.  Before dinner was my time to practice and refresh from the last time I had played.  We even got Dave in on it and had some fun with Bowling, bicycling, wake boarding (which I suck at), and rowing.  My arms are sore, but well worth the hour or so of fun.

Now, for tonight, and the rest of this weekend, I’m going to try to get as much of my goals done as I possibly can between shopping trips.  Pay day means I have to restock.  I’ll be glad when I get my bonus.  With luck, that’ll be next paycheck.  For now, things will be tight.

Enjoy your weekend everybody!