Monday’s Work #writemotivation

I hope everyone has had a good Memorial Day Weekend.  Mine was quiet with some work done on my goals, but not a whole lot.  But, I did manage to cook a decent meal for the holiday.  The not so fun part is I had to work today.  On the upside, I will be getting holiday pay.  Extra cash is always a welcome thing in my home.

On to the goals:

1) Complete Union of Earth and Spirit.

No extra work has been done on this one except for some ideas bounced off a friend or two.  I’m not going to count on this one being completed by any length

2) Complete edits/revisions on Black Friday.

Not much done here, but it is in queue to be done.  May not be completed but it’ll be close.

3) Finish transcribing current Black Friday 2.

Again, not much done, but I’ll be doing something soon.  There’s not much left to transcribe.

4) Edit first three stories of Trysts of the Hearts and start 6th story.

I can honestly say this one, without a doubt, is done.  Just finished it a few minutes before making this post.  I have a tentative beginning to the 6th story set up in Scrivener but no name for it, yet, beyond 6th.  mostly, it is the race and names which are sorted out and the personalities of the pair.  But, it is done!

How is everyone coming on their writing goals?