More Progress #writemotivation

Finally, after a lot of hard work and eye strain, I finished the edits and revisions to Black Friday.  This one is still going to need a lot more before I think of re-submitting it to Xlibris to take the place of the current version.

Lets just say most of the grammar errors are taken care of.  Now, I need to go through and trim out of the fluff and expand other places.  A very well done critique/review told me of a few problems which shouldn’t be difficult to fix. (namely dropping names which weren’t needed in this book.  Each will have its place in following stories)

The fun part will be keeping the general flow going and not revealing in tone or too many hints of what is coming since this is one of the MC’s telling this tale.

I think, for next month, I’ll focus on one or two goals then figure out more for July’s #writemotivation goals.  Keep things simple while we ease into another hot summer.