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While reading through the various blogs I receive each day, I considered something.  The biggest thing I thought about was I don’t post much.  It’s rare that I post and I find it difficult to write about my daily life or anything personal unless it is something huge and monumental.  The kind of things we want everyone to know about because we are that proud of them.  You know what I mean

Another thing I thought of, I spend a lot of time telling people about my writing progress, but haven’t shown anything in months.  The last time I showed an excerpt, it was a few months ago.  Frankly, I wonder how it was received by my viewers.

Ah well…

Now, I was debating joining Six Sentence Sundays, but I find it hard to stop myself at such a small amount.  It is an idea, so I could join that at some point just to help get myself out there.  Honestly, I am shy when it comes to doing anything publicly, yet I cut up and do everything possible to make people smile at work.  I don’t mean my co-workers though they do enjoy watching some of what I do.  I’m talking about the patients that come in to pick up their medications.

It’s amazing how a little sympathy and a kind smile can help someone who is worried about their health or a loved one.  Add in some humor and they just light up and carry that with them to their next destination.  Some have said I should go into comedy with some of the quips I use, but I know I’d freeze on a stage.  Nearly ten years of piano lessons showed me that at each and every recital.  I shudder at the very thought.

With the internet, and these blogs, I come across as more assertive because there is anonymity and no one can see how badly I’m shaking or that I’ve got food all over my shirt because of a messy meal.  Things like that.  Yet, I dream of hitting the big time like Steven King and other well known and visible authors.

Am I strange or what?

All that aside, I’ve decided to do something different.  Each Sunday, I’ll post an excerpt of one of my works in progress, or from something I found hiding away on my hard drive.  With the exception of this post, they’ll be on their own with only a brief description of what is going on and, possibly, what led the characters to this point.

So… without further ado…

Today’s excerpt comes from an older piece I recently found I named “Elf’s Story” (working title).  Very little has been done with this one.  What ever happened, I stopped writing it after about four pages and only recently found it some six or seven years later.  This is the beginning where the narrator tells about the different types of elves before delving into the story itself.  Here, we witness the birth of the heroine and the visit of her lifelong partner.

           Leaving the midwife to take care of Aldawen, the shamaness left to do her duty.  She left quietly, and because the bower was rather high up in the ancient tree, she climbed down to a much larger, almost stage-like branch closer to the ground before she called for everyone’s attention.  All around her dancers stopped dancing, conversations stopped, and the music came to an abrupt halt so they could hear what she had to say.

The sudden quiet would unnerve most, but for this old shamaness, it was almost music to her ears.  She stood there, looking down over the crowd below with a near blank expression before she finally let a smile slip through and light up her youthful face before she spoke, loud and clear, “On this eve, the first full moon after the Spring Equinox, a new life has entered this world.  Born to Aldawen and Faegil, a daughter was born.  To one and all, until she earns another name, she will be known as Nar’Ore.”

Up from the crowd a cheer rang out, filling the quiet forest with the sound of joy while the proud father stared up at his bower with a smile only another parent could understand or fathom.  All around him, the other warriors patted his shoulders and congratulated him on his most recent addition to the tribe.  His pride was written all over his angular features and in the shine of his bright blue-green eyes.

As soon as the shamaness’ arms lowered to her sides once again, the music returned and the revelry began anew, for there was another reason to celebrate in the small forest village.  All she could do was stand and watch from that branch as the dancers spun around the bon fire and the small crowd surrounding the new father slowly dispersed.  All was good in her community, just the way she liked it.

Hours passed as the festival became more active with the appearance of more fresh ale to toast the new addition to their tribe.   At this time, the full moon was shining fully upon the clearing, illuminating everything with its pale light.  Behind it, the diamond like stars twinkled in the fathomless depths of the sky until a large sinuous creature blotted out portions as it seemed to slither down from space on moonbeams.  No one noticed until the wind shifted and brought the sound of leathery wings stroking the air high above the trees.

Just as the huge beast let out a screech like roar, all the elves in the clearing looked up into the sky.  At first, they saw only the night sky with a sinuous shape blocking part of the stars and half the moon then the illumination cast off by the bon fire picked out glittering points from the scaled hide of a dark-colored dragon hovering over them.  What at first appeared to be two brilliant stars turned out to be the dragon’s eyes reflecting the fire light as it peered down into the glade below. The dragon waited as a hush fell over the gathered elves.

From out of the stunned silence, a soft whisper appeared and moved through the crowd as the elves recognized the very symbol of their clan.  “Realta’naedre…”  “It’s Realta’naedre…”  “The dragon has come…”  Realta’naedre is here…”

Concerned when the music came to an abrupt stop, the shamaness stepped out from her meditation nook among the branches to see what had happened.  Just as she stepped out from under the protective branches, the dragon spotted her then let out a long whistle that sounded more like a bird call than anything a great creature like a stellar dragon could make.  Following her tribe’s gaze up into the sky to see the beast hovering above them, the shamaness grinned then whistled back to him before she called out, “Welcome great Realta’naedre.  It is good to see you again after all these years.”

As it is good to see you once again, Aese’Wen, / came the strong deep mental voice of the great dragon.  The stern façade he did have softened into a draconian smile while the two bright points that were his eyes became bright with their violet color before he glided down closer to the ground.

Quickly, the elves parted to give the dragon a place to land near the fire and once a large enough space the large dragon dropped to the ground with amazing agility and gentleness then folded his great wings to his back where they blended in with the speckled hide.


4 thoughts on “Something Different

  1. Interesting – I agree on the power of internet anonymity 🙂

    How did you feel finding your writing after years passing? (Strangely unfamiliar?)

    1. It felt… odd. I was reading through this and felt myself wondering ‘Who did this? What was happening at the time to come up with this snippet?’ Mostly, I found myself chuckling at the sarcastic sound to the beginning where the narrator was telling about the different elves.

  2. Nice work! A lovely story excerpt to read just as I’m going home…

    I enjoy the anonymity up to a point too, but I find that it allows me to tell more about myself than I would to some of the people I know. The community of bloggers is generally pretty supportive!
    That said, I do it knowing that I write under a pen-name, so there is a degree of protection from ‘the real world’.

    1. I do have a pen name, but when I finally decided to publish my first book, I went with my real name instead. It sounded more professional than what I was using and didn’t seem like I was writing about myself when it came to certain stories.

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