June Goals #writemotivation

I don’t know when it happened, but we are in the month of June.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were seeing the first days of spring back in February.  Really, time flies far too quickly when there’s a lot of work to do.

Speaking of work, I didn’t complete my revised May goals.  All I managed to do was finish the first round editing on Black Friday, the grammar edits on the first three stories of Trysts of the Hearts, and a tentative beginning of the sixth story for the same book compilation.  That is just more than half since there was the completion of Union of Earth and Spirit and finishing the transcription of Black Friday 2.  That is more than i was expecting, but not all I was wanting to do.  Had I been well and avoided that brief, if mild, depressive phase, I probably would have managed to finish all but the next round of revisions on Test of Ascension.

For June, I’m keeping the goals few and simple.  Thanks to finding Elf’s Story (working title), my inner editor has reared its ugly head to work on that one so it’s more than just a beginning.  But, that also triggered the alarm in another sector of my brain that says we have reached capacity and stamped on the overwhelm button hard.  That story will add way too much to what I have now.

So, that one and others will be placed on the back burner for now.  If there’s time and the will, I’ll work on them.

For the month of June, my writing goals will be:

1) Edit/Revise the prologue and first five chapters of Black Friday.

2) Finish transcribing Black Friday 2 and write at least one more chapter.

3) Start fifth round of edits/revisions on Society of Night and Lies.

4) Read.  Doesn’t matter what book I read.  Just read to relearn the styles of my favorite authors.  (I’m rediscovering Todd McCaffrey’s style in DragonBlood.  He is so much like his mother but without a lot of the flowery words that require a dictionary)

Depending on how much I get done on SoNL, I intend to start querying agents and publishers after my birthday in January.  That’ll be plenty of time to add in at least another 30k words, tighten up the story, and recover from NaNo in November.

Please, anyone with the experience, point me to places which will help me write a good query letter, cover letter and synopsis for this book.  Preferably someplace with examples to follow and practice with.  Thank you in advance.